Coffee Percs

There was water enough for coffee, and when the coffee was made they sat together and drank it, each busy with his own thoughts.”
–Louis L’Amour

I was a lazy bum this mornin’ pard; didn’t know if I’d get up to greet you or not.  But I made it and I listened to the pleasant sounds of the birds singin’ and the coffee brewing.  Don’t which sound is better, maybe the added sound of when I finally poured the coffee into the cup.  Just the sound helps waken the sleepiness and drives it away.  Come to think of it, I ground the coffee this mornin’ so the sound of coffee actually started then. 
Sure better have plenty of it today, and I made it strong, for today is the day of the fool.  Now I like a good joke, but I can’t stand foolishness.  When stupidity and pranks come into play, well, that can jerk my jaws.  Looks like the media and the political folk celebrate Fools Day most every day, it doesn’t have to be April 1.
Last night, I had a cup of decafe.  Yep, hard to believe, but once in a while at night coffee might keep me awake, or somethin’ does.  I’ve always believed, and still do, that people who order decafe (that’s one thing I’ve never done) are the same folk that will say, “hold the onions” on a hamburger or think that salad is a meal.
Nothin’ really stirrin’ in the ol’ gray matter this mornin’.  Maybe there are times we should just sit back and enjoy nothin’, ‘ceptin’ the coffee of course.  Let the senses pick up the sounds, or the aromas, and think of the good things that the Lord has given us.
You have a good day pard, sit tall in yur saddle, but before you do be sure you’ve checked that cinch.