Coffee Percs

When morning came we fixed a decent breakfast with plenty of coffee to hold us for the day.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Welcome pard, goin’ to have to guzzle down the coffee this mornin’ and hit the road. The ol’ steel mount is needin’ to see the doc for its physical. I try to take care of the thing, do all the right stuff, and then turn over my hard earned money.
The snibblin’ and whinin’ has died down some, but I sure do get tired of it. I get it from students, but they must get it from somewhere. Maybe they watch too much of the news or something. Yeah, yeah I know that their complainin’ does about as much good as the barkin’ of a dog down the street, but that’s still a nuisance. I heard the “Mouth” in Congress complainin’ that the President couldn’t fire on Syria without their permission. Wonder what Constitution she has been readin’?
Ahhhh, good coffee this mornin’. I could spend the day sittin’ here and drinkin’ it down, but need to get on movin’. But let me tell you what I think first. I think we should all get back to some common sense, whip our noses, and get on with life. It’s not gonna happen, I know. Too many crazies out there anymore. Then with all that stuff goin’ on with that little twerp from North Korea; now there’s one that shoulda been taken behind the woodshed a time or nine.
At least my gizzard ain’t riled up over it. Oh my, notice the pot’s empty, that means it’s time to be gettin’ on down the road. You have a good day, pard. Go with God, and be sure that you check your cinch.