Coffee Percs

He put food and coffee on the fire, and while it cooked he unloaded his horse.”
–John Legg

Hope I didn’t miss you pard, but I was plumb lazy this morning.  Guess I’m doin’ a little practicin’ for retirement.  Sure been a busy couple of weeks, but only a few days left.  Ohh, so sorry, standin’ here jawin’ and forgot to pour the coffee.  Ahhhh, that’s better.
Heard somethin’ the other day.  “Due to climate change the glaciers are diminishing in Glacier National Park.”  It I’m right, glaciers are always contingent on climate.  Them move forward and they recede in relation to the climate.  How did they get there in the first place?  I think it was “climate change.”  Guess I should make a trip up there before they’re gone.
Better be gettin’ on out there and get yur Ma a present or yur wife.  Stores will be gettin’ plenty busy.  Then you’ll have to be jostlin’ with folk.  I’ve been hankerin’ for some chili so might make it for dinner tomorrow or maybe tonight.  Better if it simmers a few hours.  I read where the last words of Kit Carson were, “Like to have had one more bowl of chili.” 
Let’s finish the coffee so we can get on down the road and get the chores done.  Don’t be reckless out there now, there’s enough of them folk already.  Be sure your cinch is tight, just in case there is some jostlin’ around.