Coffee Percs

We put together a fire made coffee and friend up what we had in our saddle bags then we waited for morning.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Know something that just jerks my jaws, pard?  Let me get the coffee and I’ll give you a good dose of what makes my ol’ gizzard ill.  Take a sip, and I’ll get started.  I despise cheaters!  They rank right up there near the top with shysters.  Those out there that that want something for nothing.  They prey on the hard work of others for selfish gain.  Yep, they are some of the worse kinds of people in my book.  They’ve always been around, but my mercy, they seem to be on the rise.
Ahhhh, now that’s some good coffee.  My gizzard sure needs it.  Come to think of it, the sluggards and slackers seem to be on the rise as well.  Listen here, pard, with the rise of that bunch it just naturally flows into the realm of the cheater.  Take for example, a test–do they think they are entitled to the answer that another person has spent time studying over? 
Cup dry, here I am rantin’ and ravin’ and didn’t think to fill it up again.  Sorry, some things just grate on me.  One thing for sure, time and circumstances will take care of them.  One way or another it will get them if they don’t mend their ways.  Sure didn’t mean to rain on you this mornin’, and speakin’ of rain, we’re supposed to get some.  Sure need it, put down some new sod.
Pot’s empty, gizzard is satisfied, now guessin’ we should be on our way.  You stay on guard for those kinda folk are out there, not beggin’ anymore, but demandin’ your hard work.  That’s why when you mount up, you have to check your cinch.