Coffee Percs

We sat drinking coffee for a while. Neither of us wanted to intrude on the other’s thoughts…”
–Lou Bradshaw

Way past gray-light. This won’t be the trend for retirement though, I can assure you. Even the wife must have thought somethin’ wrong ’cause she was up before me and made the coffee. Try it–strong as mine?
Sure is a nice mornin’. Sitting outside, listenin’ to the birds, and feelin’ the nice, cool breeze. Add the coffee to that and all I can say is—“ahhhh.” Need to be gettin’ up a movin’ about–things to get done today.
I was going to say that last night was my last graduation. But there will be at least one more. You got it pard; that graduation up to glory. People kept asking if I was sorry about it being my last and I could easily, and quickly answer, “Nope.” It’s time to get movin’ on to the next part of my life. People are askin’ if I’ll enjoy it, and I say, “Reckon I will, never retired before.”
Let me pour you another cup. Not bad, not bad, especially since the wife made it, and trying a different pot. Good coffee! Don’t mean to be goin’ on with all of my doin’s. Summer time is comin’. Right now, with the wonderful mornin’s and evenin’s here in Texas a person wouldn’t know it. Sure in the low 90s durin’ the afternoon, but the rest of the time delightful.
Need to be gettin’ on with the day. At least you haven’t had to put up with my preachifying or ponderin’s this mornin’. Just good coffee and the enjoyment of the morning.’
Oh, yeah, pard, don’t make me fret over you–be sure and check your cinch.