Coffee Percs

When I awoke, the fire was going well and the smell of coffee was in the air, even if the first rays of the sun weren’t quite there yet.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Get yur ankles underneath that table and hold on to yur cup.  I’ve need some ventin’ and I’m ’bout ready to throw one of those high conniption fits.  I’ve decided to rank house inspectors in with that bunch low-lifes that include lawyers, mortgage-holders, ad insurance folk.  My mercy, a person thought they held the keys to their own home, but nope, that inspector does.  I can just hear my dear ol’ Grandma sayin’, “Lord, help us through the jungles!”
Better set yur cup down as I pour.  Sure don’t want to spill any of this coffee on yur hand.  What?  Better not spill any of it anyway.  Ha, yur right pard.  Need to get myself together.  After all it’s the Lord that holds the keys to my eternal home.  What were those words, “Faith is the key that unlocks the door… “.
Did yah remember?  A couple of folk did and mentioned it.  Two years ago I find out that I did indeed have a heart.  Yep, the ol’ ticker was found, but had gone a-foul and had to get cleaned up.  Amazing what doctors can do anymore.  Run that ol’ rotor-router up through that heart to clean it out.  Guess that’s what the Holy Spirit does when we come to the Lord.  Nah, to ponder it some more, He gets rid of that old heart and puts in a new one.
Ahhh, man that’s good coffee this mornin’.  I can’t let time be gettin’ away this day.  Need to be makin’ some calls because of that inspector.  But one thing, I sure didn’t let him bother my sleep.  Guess, there is another–he sure didn’t bring any disflavor to this mornin’s coffee.
I’ll be cinched up and ready to go.  Hey, yah did check yur’s before ridin’ over here?