Coffee Percs

I sort of like to set back and listen to folks, to drink coffee, and contemplate.”
–Louis L’Amour

Graylight’s approachin’, come in this kitchen ’cause the coffee’s hot and strong. One thing I just can’t figure out, did yuh know that some folk drink cold coffee? Now, just a-sayin’ cold coffee is better than no coffee, but imagine drinkin’ it with ice. Right now my ol’ gizzard is plumb feelin’ good, from that hot coffee swashin’ around. Ahhhh… I can imagine goin’ to someone’s house and them askin’, “can I get yuh a cup of cold coffee?” Right there, you’ve lost that comfortable feelin’ that comes from a good cup of hot coffee.
Guess yur right, I need to pour you a cup instead of talkin’ about it. It’s shore gonna seem strange. If you come a-visitin’ next Saturday, I’ll be up in East Texas. Yep, that’s my abode for a few months. Gonna be livin’ with the baby girl, well my baby, for a few months and her family. Shore hope yu’ll continue to visit. Hopefully by October the missus and me will have our own place again. The Lord is givin’ us another adventure. We’ll spent 22 years here in ol’ San Antonio, and sure enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be huntin’ up a frijole place, but gonna be hard to find one as good as they have here.
How ’bout that coffee? Ahhhh, good this mornin’ ain’t it? Now, I had somethin’ on my mind that I wanted to get off to you, but I shore cayn’t think of it right now. Sometimes this ol’ fence post loses its thought and I have to go searchin’ for it. I will tell yuh one thing; you go off and say somethin’ in public like Johnny Dipp did, and yu’d wind up in the ol’ caboose. Seems these Hollywood folk and other entertainers think they are above the law and can say anything they want. Well, just another reason for me not to give him any money by watchin’ his movies.
Pard, let me tell yuh, it’s kinda surreal, this bein’ the last Saturday sharin’ coffee with yuh from the kitchen in the homeplace. The reality of the move is startin’ to set in, ‘specially with all of the boxes sittin’ about. Don’t be frettin’, I plan to have the coffee on next Saturday, if not, the next one for shore.
You be ridin’ easy this week, stay in the shade as much as possible for ol’ sol is crankin’ up the heat. Don’t be takin’ nothin’ for granted, have yur gun and Bible ready for use. Oh, and don’t forget to check yur cinch.
Vaya con Dios,