Coffee Percs

They sat on the porch in silence with cooling coffee cups and watched the sun like a busted yolk oozing along the eastern rim.”
–Alex Cord

Sittin’ here waitin’ for you pard.  Not used to all the changes happenin’ ’round my life yet.  Need to get back into a regular schedule.  How ’bout you?  Good week?
I’ve been stayin’ away from the news but good thing we know the Lord, for there is plenty of chaos goin’ ’round out there and most of it is purposely perpetuated.  It is downright evil and full of hatred.  If not toward a person, toward a biblical moral standard, and especially tryin’ to upset the plan of God.  Well, listen and listen tight–God’s plan for man will not and cannot be thwarted by us puny humans, nor the power of the evil devil himself!  
Now the shakin’ and stupidity will continue and most likely get worse.  Remember, me talkin’ ’bout the baby being born and had a non-gender birth certificate ’cause puttin’ male/female on it would violate its rights?  See, plan ol’ stupidity.  Say, pard, sorry for rantin’, how’s the coffee this mornin’?  At least there is still a few things that delights the ol’ gizzard.  Don’t like for it bein’ riled so I stay away from the news.
But, let me say one more thing.  Look at that liberal side of Congress.  Does stupidity reign there or not?  Some of the crazy things they say, but what is worse; they keep gettin’ elected.  Now what does that say ’bout the folks votin’ for them?  
We just need to keep ourselves busy doin’ what the Lord has for us to do.  
I was just a-thinkin’ ‘long some other lines.  The Book of Leviticus told the Jews not to mix things together.  ‘Course they didn’t have polyester back then, but for example, mixin’ polyester with cotton would not be acceptable.  Take that there coffee I made.  Good, strong, hot, black coffee.  Now to make a “cino” of some kind, wouldn’t that plumb be against what Leviticus says?  Ponder that one this week pard.
Well, time’s a-wastin’.  I’m gonna sit a spell longer, but know you’ve got your chores to attend to.  You have a good week there my friend, and don’t be forgettin’ to check your cinch (also keep your gun oiled and Bible handy).