Coffee Percs

I wondered how many times I had looked at a pre-dawn sky and crawled from my blankets to build up the fire and make coffee.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Mornin’ pard, past graylight now, but I kept the coffee on and it’s hot. Sittin’ out near Lake Conroe, just waitin’ for yuh to come by and listenin’ to the birds singin’. Don’t know what time it is, but it sure does have premonitions of a good day. Sure is still and there is hardly any movement on the Lake.
Ahhhh, hot coffee; don’t taste too bad. I didn’t even look at the headlines this mornin’ as I’m tryin’ to keep my gizzard from gettin’ all riled up. I did read yesterday that there are some folk out there that think that there should be no age put on sexual relations. That way they will know at an early age what gender to choose. Now, that not only riles my gizzard, but it makes me want to puke all over the place. Thinking to be wise, enlightened, they are literally, utterly fools. Mommas! You better get to trainin’ your kids in the ways of the Lord!
What is ol’ fence post is a-seein’ is a lot of hackles raised, anger stirred, but not up to the point of doing anything about it in the home. Most homes, including Christian ones, are lackadaisical in their trainin’ up their kids. Dad’s not usually around or doin’ his own thing if his is, and kids are on their phones, games, doing who-knows-what. It’s just not “cool” to be trainin’ children according to the Lord’s commands.
Here, let me fill up our cups again, and that’ll stop me from my rantin’ this mornin’. I’ve been readin’ about the kings of Israel and how they established worship of false gods and compromised their culture. Then came Hezekiah and he had the courage to stand against the false practices and tear down all the high places and false groves of worship. Perhaps it’s time that Christians do the same, at least in their own homes.
Sorry, didn’t mean to be ventin’ this mornin’, maybe I’ll have another cup and it’ll sooth things down a mite. When yuh come by next week, I promise I’ll be cool.
Don’t worry, I won’t go out in a rush and forget to check my cinch. I do have a little self-control.