Coffee Percs

Soon he had bacon frying and a can of beans waiting to be dumped into the mix.  He chopped us some onion and dumped it onto the bacon.  After the bacon and onion mix were cooked, he dropped in the beans.  As the mix simmered, he added coffee to the hot coffee pot.”
–C.J. Petit  (South of Denver)

Glad you showed up pard.  I thought I was just goin’ to have to stare at my coffee and start jawin’ with it.  Coffee’s for drinkin’ not for talkin’ to, that’s for friends.  Now, don’t give me that funny look, or have you noticed that I’m glowin’?  That’s ’cause my new heart doc wanted me to take some tests.  They flooded my ol’ heart with some type of nuclear concoction, said they could see what was happenin’ better.  Guess it’s still there for I also had somethin’ called an ECHO and could hear the heart just pumpin’ away.
Now, drink that cup up so I can pour another. You’ll need it after I tell you what I read the other day.  Seems there a new addiction, at least for some in Florida.  Now, I like my coffee, y’all know that but I’ll draw the line here.  This new addiction is coffee enemas.  Don’t go spittin’ out yur coffee pard, I just read the story.  Yep, supposed to be true, but sounds to me a waste (no pun intended) of good coffee.  Wonder if Starbucks will add it to the menu.
Sure hope that didn’t ruin yur day; want me to fill yur cup again since you slobbered most of it on yur shirt?  I’m supposed to be makin’ chili for dinner tomorrow.  I’ve had a-hankerin’ for it recently and so has my daughter, so she twisted my arm to make some.  One thing ’bout good chili, it’s good anytime of the year.
I read a little time back, a story of Buckskin Brady.  He was a cowboy turned preacher.  One of my pet-peeves (#33) is that westerns, books and movies, only show part of the West.  “Lonesome Dove” was a good movie, but it left out the Christian aspect.  At least a third of the cowboys were Christians and it was definitely the church that settled the towns and got rid of the wicked element.  I said all of that pard, to tell you that I’ve been searchin’ out some books about some of those preachers of the West.  I’ll say, “adios,” and leave you with something from ol’ Buckskin.
“You never can tell what kind of religion a man has until it is well tested.  It takes both God and the devil to test a man’s religion and give it the proper recommendation.”
You have yurself a good week, and be sure and check that cinch.