Coffee Percs

“It has become a place I could not leave alone, or my quiet talks with her, nor the good coffee in the candlelight.”
–Louis L’Amour

Whirlwind weekend pard, but the coffee is on. The new pot didn’t work, so was ready to boil. New-fangled contraptions just don’t seem to last as long. That brings me to my point this morning. Take a sip and I’ll tell you. She ain’t new fangled, and she ain’t a contraption, but she’s seen the toil of the years of puttin’ up with this ol’ fence post. Today, 45 years, she has put up with me. This is our anniversary!
Yep, I knew she was a keeper that many years ago and more. The first time she stared at me, I was hooked, just didn’t know it yet. It took a while for me to convince her that I was the one, but once I did, well, she stuck around. So we don’t, never did have nothing fancy, but I took a fancy to her, and still do.
Time’s a-wastin’ for we need to get on down the road. Made one trip yesterday and here I go again. Let’s finished that coffee pard and head our different ways. Don’t you fret none, I’ll check my cinch, your just be sure and do the same.

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