Coffee Percs

My guns had been thoroughly cleaned and made ready the night before.  So all I had to do was eat a half dozen eggs, a well done slice of beef steak, and wash it down with plenty of strong black coffee.  That should get me started up the river road.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Morning pard, I made sure the coffee was plenty strong this morning.  Tell you what I’ve done.  To lawyers, mortgage companies, media imbeciles, and insurance salesmen I’ve added the group–bureaucrats.  Goodness, they have done their best to rile my ol’ gizzard, but not gonna let ’em.
Now, I’m not talkin’ ’bout those bureaucrats in that ivory city named for our first President.  They are a special breed unto themselves.  I’m just talkin’ ’bout all the hoops to go through just to start buildin’ a house.  Been tryin’ for weeks to get on the agenda and if it’s not one thing, it’s another.  Be easier just to go find a cave to live in; the bears would be easier to get along with.
Say, you keepin’ yur gun cleaned and ready?  Don’t be caught all lackadaisical now.  I really don’t see things gettin’ much better so you better stay ready.  Shore hope you don’t have any dust on your Bible either.  Things are probably more stirred in the spiritual world than they are here.  In fact, I thought I heard some of those heavenly wranglers gettin’ the horses from the pasture into the corral.  Mighty fine herd of white horses, and soon I’m a-thinkin’ that the Lord is goin’ to mount up and ride.
Coffee strong enough for you?  Years back someone said that my coffee was so strong that you could use it to wash off a tattoo.  Ifn it really was, I carry gallons of it with me and throw it on some of those folk who saunter ’round.  Tattoos are one thing, but some of those folks who have them, well, they should just be more covered up in public so as not to make the rest of us blush.
Go ahead and finish the pot.  Not sure what my day holds yet, so plan on makin’ ‘nother one. Ifn I do have to go out, I’ll go armed and will definitely stay alert.  You can be sure my cinch will be tight.