Coffee Percs

Instead of answering right away, he kept on sipping his coffee.  He studied the man over the rim of his cup.”
–C. Wayne Winkle

Ahhh, that sure tastes good this morning.  Sorry, I started without you, but I made plenty.  Kinda hankerin’ for good ol’ boil’d coffee.  Need to get out the coffee pot and boil some on the stove.  Problem, not sure where the coffee pot is packed.  I normally keep one in the truck for roadside emergencies.  Sure don’t want to be stranded out somewhere without the coffeepot handy and ready to go.
Let me tell you, I’m just plain sick ‘n’ tired of the hatred out there.  With the threat of a nuclear attack you’d think that some of those idiots on the left would give some support.  Instead, it is the same of blame game.  I almost think that the President’s son is correct when he said they would rather see America fail and for President Trump to succeed.  
Told yuh the coffee was good this mornin’.  Hang on, I’ll fill up yur cup again.  Now, I don’t think that we really have much to fear with that little mouthy punk.  Oh sure, he might attack, but he really won’t do much damage to the U.S.  With that being said, he sure can stir up a bunch of trouble.  If we strike back we need to make sure we hit him instead of the people.  He has that country so devastated and deprived already.  Need to get him, but he’ll be cuddled up with one of his teddy bears in some bunker.  
Let me tell yuh one thing straight!  And if yuh don’t have this etched in your mind and heart then yur in trouble.  No matter, God is in charge.  I’ve been studying some on the sovereignty of God.  Listen, it will all work out His way.  Cup empty again?  My, my, have yuh been denyin’ yurself good coffee?  You ain’t be out drinkin’ some of that cino stuff have yuh?  
Remember the days when we could get up and just be drinkin’ coffee and eatin’ maybe some biscuits ‘n’ gravy and not have all the crazies out there?  One of my wife’s favorite sayin’s runs sorta like this, “I like Texas where men were men and women were glad of it.”  Boy howdy, that statement is sure haywire in this society.  I saw where one athlete was cryin’ sayin’ that he doesn’t get enough respect and recognition.  My mercy, snowflake, it that why you compete and run?
That’s ’bout it for today pard.  Yuh be sure and have yurself a good week.  Watch out for the crazies.  Oh, I do need to tell yuh this.  I was shakin’ my head.  I went into a store yesterday.  There were ’bout 7-8 people workin’ and only the cashier had normal hair.  I say green, blue, some sorta red.  What has happened to normal?  And there was this one woman, who wasn’t a woman, workin’.  Yep, my friend, the times are crazy.  Be sure yur gun is oiled, and yur in the Good Book.  Don’t dare lose the love of the Lord and become complacent.
Glad yuh liked the coffee, now before yuh mount up an’ leave, yuh best be checkin’ that cinch.