Coffee Percs

He swallowed a gulp of coffee, a look of deep reflection on his face.”
–Jory Sherman

Come on in pard; it’s amazing the difference in a week.  Last week we were gettin’ soaked to the gills, but the past couple of days have been sunny and bright.  Good thing too, I noticed the coffee stash start to dwindle.  
It was implied to me that I may talk too much politics.  Now, I don’t want to do that.  Politics can rile the gizzard and I really don’t care for those rascals much anyway.  It’s not the politics that get to me; it’s the stupidity of those we have elected to office to be our leaders.  Lookin’ at some of them it is downright scary.  They’re the kind of folk that think they can put a mirror on the table and eat on their good looks.
They’ve been railing on poor ol’ Christopher Columbus for several years but guess California finally took the step.  Columbus Day this year will be Indigenous Peoples Day.  Crazy!  Where would the folk in California be if ol’ Chris hadn’t sailed the seas by in 1492?  Say what you want, but the Europeans brought many good changes to the land.  People who go nuts on things like this ought to read Peter Marshall’s, “The Light and the Glory.”  
Have a few chores on my list today.  Need to mow the lower forty and then get the mount ready to travel.  It’s been a while so don’t know if I recollect how to tie things down with the diamond hitch.  Reckon I can figure it out.  Next week the wife and I will be travelin’ to that eastern land.  In fact, we’ll be campin’ down just shy of that Emerald City.  Might not hear much from Ira after Tuesday, but plan to be puttin’ things together and we’ll share coffee on Saturday.  Hope the eldest makes her coffee strong enough.  That’s one thing ’bout bein’ on the road; have to drink other’s coffee.  I used to always carry a pot in the back of my truck and could stop when I wanted.
So, pard, have a great week.  Don’t you fret none, I’ve traveled this parts enough to know that I need to check my cinch.