Coffee Percs

After placing some rocks around the fire, he picked up a large cast iron skillet, placed it over the fire, filled it half full of water and added a hand full of coffee grounds.”
–J.S. Stroud

Get down off that hoss, I’ve got the coffee poured and ready for yuh. Sure been enjoyin’ my vacation. Sunday I’m takin’ a vacation in the middle of my vacation. Goin’ over to the beach on Sunday for a few days. Sure hope yuh had a good week.
Let me ask yuh pard, ever get frustrated over people? Took the little buckaroo, Garrett, to Chuck E. Cheese yesterday. There was a family (??) there with three kids. They were runnin’ ’round and tryin’ to ride with Garrett. Then I got to watchin’ those kids run around and stop ever so often at the buffet and grab pizza. It finally riled my gizzard enough to see the management. One guy kinda put up his hands as to say, “What can we do?”. The boss-lady finally went to the people and asked them to leave. Just before leavin’ the mom stopped by and grabbed a couple more pieces. And we wonder why kids grow up thinkin’ they’re entitled to the profit from the hard work of others.
How’s the coffee? I woke up to a little treat this mornin’. Since I’m gettin’ lazy on this vacation, I woke up a little later and traipsed on downstairs. I thought I could smell the aroma of coffee driftin’ up through the stairway and there it was–my eldest was up and the coffee was made. Ahhhh, now that a good start to the day.
Say, don’t expect me to be sittin’ ’round and sendin’ out the Echoes next week. Vacation time within vacation means the computer stays packed up and will not be used. Perhaps havin’ coffee on the beach will give me time for some thoughts. I remember one time the Lord walked on the waves; yuh never know how He might come a-visitin’. What we need to be doin’ is keepin’ the house clean just in case He comes knockin’ at the door. I remember my Aunt Bern sayin’ that was why she straightened up the house, just in case Nancy (Reagan) decided to stop by and visit. ‘Course we should be cleanin’ our “temple” regularly.
Let’s finish this pot and be gettin’ movin’ down the road. I know yur chores are callin’ you. I’ll just prop my feet up and do some readin’, since I’m on vacation.
Don’t worry pard, I’m not so relaxed that if I have to go out I’ll forget to tighten my cinch.