Coffee Percs

Soon the smell of boiling coffee would fill the campsite, along with the smell of frying bacon and biscuits heating by the fire.”
–J.S. Stroud

Howdy there pard,  whew, sure glad the seerers changed their minds and today is not the end of the world.  Get yurself in here, the coffee is hot and black.  No sirree, no additives today.  Now, ifn yuh have to be puttin’ in some cream or sugar, I’ll turn my back while you do it.  This morning I made “Midnight Ride,” ahhh, that’s good coffee.
Now this strange occurrence that is takin’ place with the constellations and planets is somethin’ to take notice of.  There will be signs in the skies, and there will be wars and rumors of wars, and the earth will be groaning; to me all this points to the fact that the Father is ready to seen, and the Lord Jesus is coming back for His children.  When He does, whoa Nellie, things are gonna get mighty worse.
That cup was good, how ’bout you, ready for a refill?  I wonder what absurdities will come to us today?  I did hear that Hobby Lobby sold out of cotton for displays.  Guess some folk were not offended.  Makes me wonder if the person who made the statement knows anything about her ancestry.  Can she trace her ancestry back to the cotton-fields?  Hmmmm, reminds me of a song I used to hear as a kid, “In Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home.”
Mercy, pard!  We done drained that pot!  That should keep yuh goin’, at least for a while.  Not sure of any plans today.  Just take the day as it comes.  Who knows, it may be the day the Lord returns; you remember that term don’t yuh?  Rapture!  Yeehaw, that will sure be one ride flyin’ up through the sky.
Have a good day, you take care of yurself.  Hey!  Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute!  Don’t you dare mount up without checkin’ yur cinch!