Coffee Percs

He poured himself a cup of the hot, black coffee and it burned his lips as he tried to take a drink from the rim of a tin cup.”
–J.S. Stroud

Door’s open, come on in and sling yur ankles under the table. The coffee is right strong and hot. I pondered the times I burnt my lips on a tin cup. Yuh think I would learn my lesson, but how do yuh check how hot the coffee is unless you try and taste it? There’ve been times it was so hot I burnt all the hair off my tongue. Well, this coffee is hot, but sipable, in fact, yuh can swallow a gulp.
We were out the other day and Annie remarked of a sight not seen up here in Maryland country. No trucks! Go into a parking lot and nary a one can be seen. Made me long for good ol’ Texas. Can’t even blink an eye without seein’ one. Let me grab the pot, I’m ready for a refill, how ’bout you?
I sure get weary of all the craziness. People want to put me in front of a firing squad because I belong to the NRA. One chucklehead said the Republicans and the NRA were at fault in the Las Vegas shooting. Then if this racial issue isn’t stopped sooner or later something will give. Do you think the Chiefs and Raiders’ lines are really not protecting the quarterback as they should? Hmmmm, another reason not to watch the NFL. Everything is racist, and it riles my gizzard that is wasn’t racist a year ago. Remember, Michelle reading Dr. Seuss to students, and now it is racist if Melania gives it to a library. There’s definitely something more goin’ on.
Yuh no what, though pard? Through all the junk, the Lord is still in charge. We fret way too much over things, and so much of it is way beyond our control. Ahh, but the good news is that it is always under His control. Wait, listen! Hear that? You can set yur timepiece by the geese here at Shauna’s. They fly over every mornin’ at the same time. That made me think of a question. What are geese called in flight? On the ground it is a gaggle, but just don’t fit to say, “a gaggle just few over.”
The plan is to go hiking today. Let’s finish this pot and then we can be about the day’s doin’s. Be sure and check your cinch, I’ll be a checkin’ mine and probably will tighten the belt before traipsin’ off in the woods.