Coffee Percs

“I put on a pot of coffee, and had myself a cup, and then I pulled my saddle out of the firelight and rested my head on it.”      –Lou Bradshaw

Hey there pard, sure hope you had a good week. We’ve had the two youngest granddaughters and we’ve had fun. They can sure wear yuh out quick. And that little tornado Julee, whoooeee! Kim’s been up on a hard mission trip in Colorado and will be back today. Yesterday, after visiting the duck, geese, and turtles along Cibolo Creek we went to get pizza. They had the TV on and were showing European soccer. Now, I won’t question the athletic ability of those guys, but they are really whiners and wimps. Goodness, a little elbow and they roll ’round on the ground like they’ve been knifed.
More foolishness abounds, and some of it has reached the absurd. It was a terrible tragedy in Orlando, but the shameful actions of the media and the pseudo-president make it even worse. First of all they don’t even know their weapons, to them a gun is an assault rifle. But worse are their actions, on the cold bodies of those who died, to fulfill their agenda.
Drink some more coffee, and I’ll finish my cup as well. Gettin’ to politicizing, but my mercy, enough is enough. Ahhhh, that oughta soothe the gizzard for a spell. Seems like us regular folk are at the mercy of bureaucrats and their minions. Been waiting for weeks to get my roof repaired. Called the mortgage company and they said they sent the check out last Friday and we received it. Nope, sorry, ain’t so. Now working with them, and FedEx to find the check. And in the meantime, what do I do? Smile, put on a rosy demeanor, and suck it up.
One thing for sure, those mansions in heaven won’t have to worry about a new roof bein’ put on. Just wonder what kind the Lord is makin’. Do yuh think He has them personalized? Fittin’ though since He is preparin’ a place for us to live that His job here on earth was that of a carpenter.
Time to be checkin’ the gear of the kids. Time to take them back to Houston. Yep, don’t yuh fret none, I’ll check my cinch before mountin’ up.

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