Coffee Percs

By ten thirty everyone was awake, fed and drunk enough coffee to create a world wide coffee shortage, or at least it seemed like it.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Come in pard, chilly out there. Got some of this hot java ready for your gullet this mornin’. Been a bit cold the past few days, but that’s the way its supposed to be this time of year. Yesterday was right nice. I like to do my writin’ outside and almost had to come in.
Say, that wasn’t you out a-howlin’ the other day was it? I reckoned it was just coyotes bayin’, but then I saw those snowflakes out howlin’ at the sky because Hillary still wasn’t elected. Stupidity added to stupidity. Were they hopin’ some sky god would come to their aid or just releasin’ suppressed stupidity from their stupid genes. Just so it weren’t you, pard!
Yuh gettin’ warm now? Is it the coffee or just the warmth of my personality? I know I’m ready for another cup; my gizzard hollered howdy when that first one settled down inside. Say, I’ve got another one for yuh. The more I hear and read, the more I get to shakin’ my head. People are supposed to be gettin’ smarter, but stupidity seems to reign. Did yuh see where a woman (? can’t be sure anymore) went to Taco Bell and ordered french fries? They politely informed her she was in the wrong fast food place. Then came the screamin’ and accusations of racism. Now, I tried hard to find the racism in Sugar Pops, but now because she was not given fries at Taco Bell, that company is racist. I’m believin’ more and more that the howl of racism is just an excuse for personal stupidity and laziness.
‘Nother cup, my you must have been cold. Ahhh, but it is tasty. How ’bout Germany? I think it starts in 2018, they must have a third gender on birth certificates. I’ve got one for them. They can check ____male ____female or ____duh. It’s time believers start lookin’ up, for I can’t see where the Lord is pleased. No wonder He raised the question about when He returns will He find faith on the earth.
Mercy! Do you realize that it’s almost pie time? Mmmm, mmmm, of course, some turkey to go along with the pies. Yuh better be out gettin’ the shoppin’ done. Say! Were yuh startin’ to mount without checkin’ yur cinch?