Coffee Percs

CampireThrough the years in the mountains, I’d learned to tolerate the cold, but I still didn’t learn to deal without coffee.  Oh, I could live without it, but I didn’t like it one little bit.”
–Lou Bradshaw

Burnin’ daylight pard, sorry.  Coffee’s on, and the day is bustin’ out, rarin’ to go.  Let’s get settled down here in one of these chairs, then we’ll solve the world’s problems.  If it were only that easy.  Things sure are goin’ haywire, but what can we expect when we thrown out Christ and the Scriptures?  When that happens all the evil cockroaches come out of the woodwork.  I keep thinkin’ “as in the days of Noah.”
Say, Thanksgivin’ is ’round the corner.  However, I was just informed that the breakfast pantry is empty.  No milk, no eggs, no flour for biscuits; mercy, when did that ol’ wolf sneak in?  Looks like I’ll have to mount up to go get some fixin’s.  
Speaking of wolves, be thankful this week that they have come in an’ pulled you down.  They travel in packs, yuh know.  That way they can come at you from all sides.  That’s one of the reasons I’ll always tell yuh to ride warily; keep that Bible and gun handy.  Don’t think so?  Just watch the news for a couple of hours.  Some of them are recognizable; like that ol’ lobo, but those she-wolves may be the most dangerous.  They are downright sneaky and mean.  Now pard, you can put all the analogies you want with them there wolves that are out to get yuh.
Well, pard, pot’s empty, cup’s dry, so we might as well hit the chores for the day.  Campin’ trip comin’ up for Thanksgivin’.  That’s been a regular plan for several years now at Thanksgiving.  Be sure to take time to give the good Lord thanks for all He has done!
And watch the trail carefully–check that cinch.