Coffee Percs

Without really paying attention, he quickly had the heat stove warming and the coffeepot sitting on top.”
–C.J. Petit

Christmas time’s a-comin’, yeehaw.  Get in here ‘fore your toes freeze.  I’ve a mug of hot coffee just waitin’ for you!  Say, how ’bout that snowstorm yesterday?  I got the wife up and she went and woke up the rest of the crew so the grandkids could get out before it all went away.  That was the first real snow that the youngest, Julee, has seen.  She was hilarious, especially when she smacked me with a snowball.  Funny the things we take for granted.
I had a good friend send me a pound of coffee from Puerto Rico.  Along with it was a nice Christmas card.  A few weeks ago one of my former students went to Hawaii and sent me a couple of packages of Kona.  See, at least I had one student who liked me.  Hmmm, funny the things we take for granted.
Ahhhh, now taste that coffee.  Which is it, El Jibarito or Kona?  I made it extra strong today, and for sure it’s hot.  It’ll warm up your gizzard in no time.  Not sure if it’ll make it all the way down to your toes.
Can the world get any crazier?  I don’t even like to see or read the news anymore.  It’s like watching looney-toons or worse.  The Woody Woodpecker cartoons made more sense than most liberals are doing.  Some of them are elected by the people so that tells you what the populace is like.  Some people go pay money to see some of them.  One thing that the female Chandler said about Sarah Sanders just jerked my jaws, but then I read the response by Sander’s father, Mike Huckabee.  He said Chandler is to be pitied.  She is probably jealous that she does not have the hope in Christ, a wonderful family and friends, and the peace that surpasses understanding, was part of his response.  Know what–he’s right!
Pard, I shake my head, should be wonder why the world is so crazy when they reject the gift of God’s Son?  Why one person out there said that Christians believe that Jerusalem is mythical and magical to them.  Nope, nothing mythical or magical about it.  But it sure does tie into end-times prophecy.
I rambled on with that to say, that I’m going to try to stay away from all the ridiculous things out there.  Problem is that some of those things affect me, and those around me.  Oh well, for sure when I go out into this world of craziness, I’ll make sure I’ve tightened my cinch.