Coffee Percs

When he returned from his rounds, the water was boiling, so he pulled off the coffeepot and poured in some grounds, filling the office with the familiar and welcome smell.”
–C.J. Petit

Christmas time’s a-comin’, whoa, hold on there pard! Christmas time is not a-comin’; Christmas time is here! Yeehaw, just waitin’ to hear the jinglin’ of those bells tomorrow night. I don’t think I want to be hearin’ those angels sing just yet.
Wish I could remember what it rightly was, but someone had a means to rate coffee. It was somethin’ all frou-frou, way beyond my simple understandin’ of good coffee. Pard, take a taste. Describe it. Not bad, right? See I only have three levels of distinguishing coffee: good, not bad, and that has a large range, and disgustin’. Disgustin’ coffee actually can be any brand, any type if it’s weak. Now, upon occasion I might rate some as really good. Oh, think so, huh? This mornin’s is good. Warms up the ol’ gizzard and makes it say howdy.
Dead serious now–you have taken some time to think of what the heavenly Father did by sendin’ His Son that Christmas Day so long ago? If not, yuh better do it or you’ll be missin’ out on the real meanin’ and a true blessin’. The Incarnation, whooeee pard, it’s somethin’. Sure mystical. Perhaps that is one of the problems with what the media and businesses have done to Christmas. They’ve moved it from mystical to magical. They speak of the “magic of Christmas.” There is nothin’ magical about it; no hocus-pocus, but there is certainly the mystical aspect of the virgin birth, why God would send His Son, the purpose of Jesus comin’ to earth, and the extreme love of God. I don’t know who said it but it’s true–“there was only one Christmas, there rest are anniversaries.” This is a day I’ll celebrate until the sod is thrown over me or I hear that trumpet sound.
Say, want ‘nother cup of that “not bad” coffee? Listen, what say we finish the pot. I’m finished with my shoppin’ but have some errands to run and I reckon that you still have some things to buy. Watch it out there, people are more than crazy right now.
One more thing, from that writer of yore, Charles Dickens, we need to remember! “I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” One way to do that is to check your cinch everytime you mount up.