Coffee Percs

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“The coffee was good and hot and there was beef and beans enough to keep body and soul together.”      –Lou Bradshaw

Hey there pard; sorry, I’m burnin’ a little daylight. Don’t know if it’s the summer break, or I’m just slowin’ down a bit. To make up for it, I made the coffee strong this mornin’ and let me tell you that it tastes right good.
Are yah tired of the politikin’ yet? It’s just gonna get worse until November. And what a joke we had this week up in those ivory palaces in Washington. Sitting on the floor like a bunch of babies, and know what? They got paid for doin’ it. Bureaucrats! Make me want to gag, let me take another sip of this java to help ease the gizzard.
The news ain’t always good, and it is often frustratin’, but give me a cup of coffee and it sorta helps soothe it over. Something about Saturday mornin’s coffee tradition. In fact, coffee in itself it tradition. Look-see if you don’t do the same thing most every mornin’ with yur coffee, and maybe in the evenin’ as well. If you put somethin’ in it, do you sip out of the spoon? Not with coffee, you go right for a sip to check it out; other things yuh use the spoon.
Now there ought to be a moral there someway. Tradition is standard, time-proven; coffee is there to get yuh thru those times, and it is time-proven as well. Nothing makes yuh say “ahhhhh” in the mornin’ or after a hard day like a good cup of coffee. Add to that love and friendship, and well, pard, what more can yuh ask for?
Vaya con Dios, and with all the ruckus with the bureaucrats be sure and check yur cinch!

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