Coffee Percs

A little later the coffee was getting even darker. ‘Good,’ he muttered. ‘Has t’ be black as a landlord’s heart.’ He dropped in some eggshells to settle the grains to the bottom.”
–Clair Huffaker (The Cowboy and the Cossack)

Welcome pard, sure seems like it’s been awhile since we’ve shared coffee together on Saturday mornin’. I was a little lazy and slept in this mornin’ as it’s already graylight. Last week, seems like a long time ago, we were forced out because of the cold-spell. No gas, therefore, no heat. Pipes froze, and a couple of them actually busted. Let me tell you, for this area of Texas it was downright cold.
Ahhh, taste that coffee. Makes yur gizzard jump right up and say “howdy.” Now it’s black, not sure if it is as dark as a “landlord’s heart” but I don’t want any snowflake coffee. Have you heard the latest stunt some of those snowflakes and that group they’re callin’ Generation Z are doin’ now? Eatin’ washer soap. Yep, poppin’ those little plastic bags of soap right in their greedy little mouths. Now, if that ain’t dumber than dumb I don’t know what is! I can remember when we used soap to wash the filth out of a mouth when the young’uns said a bad word, but now they do it on purpose. Makes me wonder if somewhere in the generation their genes didn’t get all messed up. I had to do it with each of my kids–once. It wasn’t really profanity, but something that I didn’t approve of. Kim, she was game. She kept her mouth tight shut, but I know a trick or two, I used shampoo. Got enough of that liquid soap in there to get her attention. Yuh know, neither of my kids cuss or use any type of foul language, and they certainly don’t go around eatin’ soap pods.
Hard to believe that January is almost over already. Just think pard, this is the last Saturday of the month. When we get together next week, it’ll be February and we’ll know if winter will be continuin’ or not. Nothin’ profound to say, so let’s just enjoy the coffee together. Sometimes we get to talkin’ an’ forget the sittin’ and enjoyin’.
You be sure that the good Lord is walkin’ by your side as you finish the month. And don’t be like those dumb fools who eat that soap. Be sure and check yur cinch!