Coffee Percs

I poured a full cup from the soot-covered coffeepot. Blew on and sipped at the kind of belly wash that’d grow hair on a saddle.”
–J. Lee Butts

Waitin’ for yuh, pard. See yur cup’s already on the table. Come on in and sit yourself an’ I’ll get the coffee. Been achy the last few mornin’s; maybe I’m not makin’ the coffee strong enough to get in those rusty joints.
Just saw an article, didn’t take time to read it. Don’t do much with the news anymore. Sure don’t watch it on tv, I get tired of all the lies, slander, fake news, and agendas with the media. I’ve never been much of a person who believed in conspiracies, but the media sure does have an agenda.
Coffee strong enough today? Ahhh, not too bad. It might not grow hair on yur saddle, but it’ll sure make yur ol’ gizzard smile. Back to what I was a-sayin’, I don’t listen to the news much, but I might see a headline and read the article. The title was, “Are You Still Glad You Voted For Trump?” Now given the alternative, Yep, I sure am. But pardner, ain’t no one goin’ to be perfect, and there ain’t no one goin’ to fix the issues of this country until the country realizes the deeper need–God.
We’ve had some “Awakenings” in this country before; revivals that shook to the core. But those who control the media are so antichrist in their thinking it would take a miracle from the Holy Spirit. Now, I’ve pondered the subject some. Sorry, let me fill our cups again, don’t mean for them to go empty. My ponderin’ has brought me to what happened to ol’ pharaoh. When he turned against God and the people of Israel, God hardened his heart. Yep, ponder that, but it’s in the New Testament as well, pard. He said if a person wanted to turn against His Word and believe a lie, well, He would just let them.
Sure glad yuh made it by this mornin’. You be keepin’ yourself ready. Don’t neglect the readin’ of the Word this comin’ week, and yuh better check the load in yur gun, keep it ready. The ol’ devil might try to sneak in this week.
Vaya con Dios, and pard, don’t forget to check yur cinch!