Coffee Percs

We were all up before the crack of dawn again with the aroma of black coffee and the sizzle of two pounds of bacon in the old iron skillet again wafting through the ancient log cabin.”
–Ken Overcast

I know, I know, no need a-tellin’ me, pard, I’m burnin’ daylight. But tomorrow I won’t, at this time it’ll still be dark. Yep, daylight savin’s time. Sure can’t figure out why daylight needs to save time. I wish they just leave things be.
One thing about bein’ retired, I’m not quite as bound by time. Maybe I told yuh this, but I was out walkin’ the other day an’ began to think, “I can’t do another lap, I don’t have the time.” Then I chuckled at myself, what was I talkin’ about, I have time. Now, that don’t mean I don’t have appointments to keep, or things I need to be gettin’ done. But time don’t have quite the hold on me like it used to.
It seemed like I was always in a hurry to get places, or to get a job done. Now I reckon that a person misses a lot when he travels at a gallop. A person, at least from time-to-time, needs to enjoy the ride and scenery as much as gettin’ to his destination.
Mercy, pard, yuh done guzzled that cup down. Yuh have someplace yuh need to be? See, time is pushin’ yuh to get things done. Not sure ’bout the coffee this mornin’, reckon it tastes okay. Wasn’t made by my little hands.
I was drivin’ through the little town where we’re movin’. I didn’t see one coffee shop. Now, I wasn’t lookin’ for no Starbucks, I don’t buy from that place, but thought there might be an’ old Texas coffee shop. I read somewhere that “a good coffee house makes everyone feel comfortable, whether in torn jeans or ribbons and lace, whether of tender years or counted among the golden oldies.” However, on the bright side, when yuh come a-visitin’ our new abode we can sit on the back porch, look off into the woods, and drink coffee. I made sure there was an outlet on the porch where I’ll keep a pot brewin’.
‘Nother cup, yur ol’ gizzard must have been plumb dry. Drink it down, for you’ve got to get things done. Me too, but not at the same rate you do. Have a good week my friend.
In the days ahead, don’t be in such a rush that yuh forget to check yur cinch.