Coffee Percs

I smell the hot coffee;
It floats on the wind.”
–Red Steagall

Don’t you be a-tellin’ me, pard. I know it ’cause I did it. Once in a while, in fact many times, a person has to show some appreciation to their life travelin’ pard. So this mornin’ I took the liberty of makin’ coffee that would please her. Annie is fond of coconut, so I purchased some coffee, called Hawaiian Grog, that is coffee and coconut. I ground it all up and that’s what’s on the table pardner.
She and I have enjoyed the aroma of coffee on many occasions together since we met a few years ago (48). Sometimes at home, sometimes around a campfire, sometimes from an old thermos, and I could go on. Today, is her birthday! Yep, hard to believe, but it does come ’round once a year. Now, she ain’t the type to worry over the years, but still, I think I’ll keep her age to myself. No, I haven’t forgotten how old she is! Let me give you a hint. As of today, she is two years older than me. That’s right; hard to believe ain’t it?
Hmmm, my ol’ gizzard just can’t bring itself to say “ahhhh” but the coffee’s tolerable. At least it ain’t weak. Yur cup’s empty, so mustn’t be any displeasure in yur mind. Let me tell you a story about the first birthday I can remember with Annie. Yep, it was a few years back. Her Dad must have been part prophet for he sent her money for her birthday tellin’ her to take me out for supper. He knew I was most likely a good find (sure hope she still thinks so). Also, we had been datin’ steady for ’bout six weeks and she mentioned that we ought to slow down and not date. Well, I was asked by her roommate to get her over to the Student Union for a surprise party. I thought she might turn me down as I was tryin’ to lasso her, an’ tie that knot tight so she couldn’t get away, but I managed to talk her into goin’ with me. She was certainly shocked.
Ahhhh, that’s not for the coffee, that’s for the good memories. Thanks for stoppin’ by and listenin’ to an’ ol’ fellow talk about his sweetie. Fact is, after you move on down the trail, she an’ I are goin’ have some coffee.
By the way, check yur cinch. That’s one thing that she an’ I learned a long time ago. Don’t go out a-ridin’ anywhere without checkin’ our cinch.