Coffee Percs

He drank his coffee black. The heat of it jolted him a little, it pulled him out of a deep hole.”
–Ernest Haycox

Drag yourself in here pard, sit yourself down an’ I’ll get your cup. Here yuh go, it’ll get yuh out of a dark mood, guaranteed. It was about two thousand years ago, on this day, that the disciples were sure in a dark hole. I’m a thinkin’ that’s where that classic song was first introduced–“gloom, despair, agony on me; deep dark depression excessive misery…”
Don’t know about you, but I’ve often thought about that day. Friday was frightful and terrible, but it was tangible. Now hiding, they wondered. They went from hope to despair. Jesus often asked them when He walked the trails with them, “Where is your faith?” Now, He is in the tomb, no hope and certainly no faith.
Ahhhh, coffee is hot, feeds the innards. Goodness, pard, you sure didn’t sip that cup; guzzled it right down you did. Back to my thinkin’. The Lord lay in a tomb; He went away. I’m a-wonderin’ if that isn’t where many in the church are today. I don’t know if there’s a lack of hope or not, but the Lord has left and many are involved in the world. Kinda like those ten who fell asleep waitin’ for the weddin’ celebration. Caught unawares they were, and then for sure there was no hope.
Sorry, pard, another cup, sure thing; I got off my thinkin’. Imagine the gloom. What was Peter thinkin’? How about ol’ Bart and his pard, Levi? What was goin’ through their minds?
In the midst of it all the spirit realm was in turmoil. We can’t know, we can’t understand it all pard, but there was somethin’ for sure goin’ on. Very little of it mentioned only that Jesus took captivity captive. The disciples thought it was a day of despair, but they couldn’t see all of what was happenin’. Whoooeee! The spirit world was a-shakin’ and soon–Sunday would be here!
My pard, that sends the shivers up and down an’ makes the hairs stand up an’ quiver. Yeehaw! On Sunday even nature would tremble and the Lord would rise in victory over the grave and the devil!
Glad yur leavin’ with a smile; get over that doom and gloom. Don’t be so giddy that you forget to check yur cinch!