Coffee Percs

He stepped down and walked to the chow wagon and grabbed a plate and spoon along with a tin cup for his coffee.”
–C.J. Petit (Gus)

Morning to yuh, pard. Come on in an sit yurself down an’ I’ll be bringin’ yuh a cup. Ahhhh, hot and black, that’s the way I like it. How was yur week? I was asked the other day, when I thought the wife and I would be movin’ into our new house. Reckon by Christmas, was my reply. The shape I’m in I hope I make it. But come to think about it, I’m in pretty good shape, for the shape I’m in.
My ol’ gizzard sure does feel better since I stopped listenin’ to all the lies and hatred bein’ spewed out on tv. I always thought I should keep up with the news, but decided the first of the year I’d just read a headline and if I wanted more, well then I could read more that way I don’t have to listen to those paid liars.
Ahhh, that hot coffee sure hits the spot this mornin’. Pard, do you know that some folk actually go out and buy cold coffee? Can’t figure that one out, but I reckon cold coffee is better than no coffee. I’ll need to ponder that some, for I’m not one to be a-drinkin’ cold coffee.
Say, do yuh ever ponder the tiny, little coffee bean? That little bean is picked, then put in the fire and roasted ’til it’s just right for flavor. Plop that bean in yur mouth and yuh still don’t have much flavor. That roasted bean has to be crushed, really ground up good, but still not right. Now it has to be boiled, or some would say just below boilin’ temperature–there’s the heat again. Then, finally it’s ready–take a deep drink an’ think of that little bean. Ahhhh, let’s have another cup.
Thing is, that bean is just like a Christian. The Holy Spirit picks them, then puts them in the fire or they’re no good. The person may holler, “I want to serve the Lord,” then he is crushed so he can be used. Then here comes the hot water, whooeee, but the aroma and flavor that comes. But one bean can’t do it; it’s only when the bunch of beans are put to the boil (hmmm, the Church) that real flavor can come. So, with all that pickin’, roastin’, crushin’, and a-boilin’ I figure I’m in pretty good shape.
“With a smile on my face and a peace within,
I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.”
Sorry pard, the legs ache too much to be a cloggin’ but I just had to break out in song. One of our pards, Clifton Jansky came up with that powerful tune.
Yuh have yurself a profitable week! Maybe a storm brewin’ so be sure an’ check yur cinch when yuh mount up.