Coffee Percs

Looks to me like it’s gonna be a gully washer.  How about stopping for a cup of coffee while we can.”
              –Donald L. Robertson

Best be gettin’ inside this house before yur soaked to the bone.  From what I see the sky is beginning to clear, but there was quite the lightning show.  Sit down, coffee is ready.  It’ll help what ails yuh this mornin’.  My ol’ bones sure ache the day before a storm.  Used to hear folk talk about that; I kinda always thought it was an ol’ wives tale.
    Wish I could be out at the house on my back deck, listening to the birds, and the rain drops fallin’ from the tress.  Don’t know if the coffee could taste any better though.  I heard someone say that the only thing worse than cold coffee is no coffee.  Well, for sure, I like my coffee hot and strong.  I can put up with life that way, but what works on my gizzard are the inept people out there, or those who only do part of a job.  I learned along time ago to do a job right the first time, and do it right.  Yep, I know there have always been those kind of people around, but from what I’m a-seein’ is they are multiplyin’ rapidly.  Heard one the other day from a person who said they did their job.  Upon checkin’ they did a portion of their job, then they made the excuse, “Well, I’m not perfect.”  My mercy!  
    I read a little story–maybe you remember the comic strip “Crankshaft”?  I always like to read that one.  It was about a cranky ol’ man–kinda like me.  The secretary in their office was responsible for keepin’ the coffee pot full.  Her coffee was always bad and they would complain.  Once, after a vacation, Crankshaft and others drank their mornin’ coffee.  They were talkin’ about how incredible it was that she had the coffee ready at 5:30 in the mornin’ to which she replied, “Nope, just forgot to unplug before leavin’ for the holiday.”  Now, that might truly be some strong coffee!
    Here comes the rain, again, and yur just gettin’ ready to mount up and leave.  What’s that, coffee’s all gone so there’s no need to stay?  Pard, yur hurtin’ me to the quick, but I understand that there are things to be did today.  Keep yur slicker handy, you might not get rained on too bad, but say, you need a bath anyway, want me to get yuh a bar of soap to take along?
    You be a-trustin’ in the Lord this comin’ week.  No matter the storm, you be sure to keep your cinch tight.