Coffee Percs

Spring was almost over but the nights were still chilly, and he buttoned up his coat as he sat and drank his morning coffee and ate his breakfast, remarking to himself not for the first time on how good food tasted when it had been cooked over a campfire out in the clean, wild air.”
              –C.M. Curtis  (Silent Mountain Guns)

Howdy, pard.  Graylight’s comin’ upon us, that means soon ol’ sol will be makin’ his way over the horizon.  Come on in, an’ throw yur ankles under the table.  Coffee has been waitin’ for yuh.  Sure hope yur week was a goodun.  
    I’ve been wonderin’, pard.  Since my gizzard sure thinks it’s delightful when a cup of coffee is poured in it, do yuh think it would help as a liniment on my ol’ bones?  Sure have been achin’ lately.  
    Say, that must be good coffee this mornin’, yur eyes sure lit up with that first sip.  Chilly out again; sure been a strange spring here in this part of Texas.  Nice and delightful.  Sure wish I could get in my new homeplace to watch the sun come up and enjoy coffee out on the porch.  Figure we may be moved in by Christmas….
    But I’m not frettin’ any, so sir, if the Lord decides it’s time for my last venture, then I reckon coffee out on the veranda up in glory won’t be back at all.  I’m a-wonderin’ that since some folk don’t care much for the hardy, robust coffee that yur havin’ this mornin’ that if when that heavenly brew touches yur lips that it will be just right?
    Cup gone dry?  Let’s finish this pot.  Say, pard, if yuh haven’t read my new book, be sure and get a copy.  It goes fine with a pot of coffee.  Since I was talkin’ about heavenly coffee, I came across this phrase,
         “Now, when I get to heaven,
          If that should be my lot,
          I hope St. Peter greets me
          With a steaming coffee pot.”
Don’t know the ol’ boy that coined that poem, but it came from a book by Ernestine Sewell Linck.  And don’t you be a-frettin’ about me either; my lot is cast toward those pearly gates.
    My, I’ve done rambled enough this mornin’.  Sky is turnin’ a bright pink with the sun beginnin’ to show, and that means I’ve got to be gettin’ cleaned up some.  Headin’ for Coldspring this mornin’.  Plan on eatin’ breakfast at a little place up there and do some meanderin’ around.
    Yep, you got it, I’ll check my cinch before ridin’ out.