Coffee Percs

To have companionship, supper cooked to perfection, and coffee on the stove.  Now that was something a man could look forward to.”
              –Lynette Sowell (A Wedding for Belle)

Get yurself in here, pard.  Grab a deep swig of coffee and sit yurself down.  I don’t want yuh standin’ when I tell you this.  This is actually beyond crazy; listen pard, there are some weird folks out there, beyond weird, in fact.
   Ready?  I read where this sex-expert, psychologist I reckon, from Australia, said that consent was needed to change a baby’s diaper.  My mercy!  How silly is that?  She said you must ask “it”; ’cause it hasn’t had the chance to decide it’s gender if it wanted you to change it.  Well, what can yuh expect with an “expert” who had purple hair.  
   Good thing I made the coffee strong this mornin’.  I just couldn’t believe what I was readin’.  But on to better thoughts.  Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  I think it interestin’ that we have to have these special days for special people.  A mother should be remembered more than once a year.
   Now, take me, I had the privilege of three mothers.  Yep, reckon the good Lord felt I needed three to keep me in line; that means I had six eyes on me.  Of course there was my Mom, but she worked most of the time so I was raised primarily by my Aunt and Grandma, all who have gone on to be walkin’ with the Lord in heaven.  I’ve made it through life, a few scrapes and scars, but for the most part unscathed.  Guess you’ll have to decide if they did a decent job or not.
   Here, let me fill that cup again.  Then, they turned me over to Annie.  So, if there’s much good in me it came from those four ladies.  I must say this about the mother of my children and I guess it isn’t politically correct in today’s culture as is the quotation at the beginning, but you know how politically correct I am.  This is a fact, a truism for sure:

         “A man appreciates a woman who can make a good pie crust, doesn’t he…”  
                   –Lynette Sowell (A Mirage on Snow)

So be nice to yur mother, and if yur goin’ to visit her, be sure and check yur cinch before headin’ out.