Coffee Percs

We made our fire, and we all had coffee and fried salt pork.  Coffee made me feel better.”
           –Robert B. Parker  (Appaloosa)

Mornin’ pard!  Ol’ sol is fast risin’ in the eastern sky.  That don’t mean yuh need to be guzzlin’ that coffee.  There’s still time for a little talk ’round the table.  Sure hopin’ yuh had a good week.
    I had to get physicals on my steel mounts.  The little gray one just needed a physical, but that old blue mount needed a couple of procedures done as well.  For sure, those vehicular vets aren’t cheap.  But need to keep my mounts up an runnin’.
    House is comin’ along; maybe we’ll have hot water by the end of the day.  Been so hot that when I turned on the water it was hot, so I figured it was already hooked up.  I’m ready to have coffee at the new place.  Bought me a new-fangled pot, so wantin’ to try it out.  It’s sittin’ there, lookin’ all pretty, but what it now needs is some seasonin’.
    Come to think of it, that’s what folk need as well.  I went to the graduation of my former school.  Lookin’ at those “kids” cross the stage, holdin’ their diplomas, I thought that now they need some seasonin’.  They’ve had the right trainin’, but now let life come at them, and see if that trainin’ holds.  When I see some of the outright stupidity that is takin’ place, I can see that there are plenty out there that haven’t been trained right.  Why even those who have sometimes, it just don’t take.  Let me tell yuh, the Lord will allow life to come yur way to season you properly–but you have to take it and let it do its work.
    Ha, makes me wonder how many of those snowflakes would want to partake of my coffee.  Reckon they would make it into a latte or a cino.  Shame, they do the same thing with life and therefore don’t understand life will not cater to their wants.
    Have yurself a good day pard, remember this is the day the Lord has made.  Hmmm, He might want to do some seasonin’ on yur life today.  Be sure and be ready and have that cinch tight.