Coffees Percs

We were sitting there enjoying the pie and another cup of coffee, just relaxing until…”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (The Journals of Elias Butler)

Mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  I’ve been reflectin’ some, not ponderin’, just some reflectin’ on that term I use for you–Pard.  The old Greek word for pardner was “koinonos”.  It meant partner, sharer, companion.  Today, some have expanded the meaning to fellowship, but pardner is better for it carries a deeper meaning.  I can have fellowship with some wranglers, but they might not be my pards; if yuh get the drift.
    Don’t be lookin’ at me with that puzzled face, just drink yur coffee while I continue.  I was gettin’ to this, one of my good Pards crossed over the Great Divide this week and is now walkin’ in that heavenly land.  Another good one has ended his journey–Andy Starks.  He was one to ride the river with that’s for sure.  He and I worked together to develop Christian Cadet Corps for the Jimmy Swaggart Ministers many years ago.  Spent some time around many a campfire together, shared some sweat and tears along the way.  Oh, Andy didn’t drink coffee though, hard to figure.
    I don’t be pretendin’ to know the ways of the heavenly Father.  Four and a half years ago I had a heart attack with a 100% blockage and I’m still on the journey.  Andy had a heart attack and the Lord took him on to heaven.  Must be a reason.  Maybe that’s what happens.  We get to travelin’ toward the summit of that Great Divide and when we get to the pinnacle the Lord reaches down and pulls us on up to glory.
    That’s the way of life, I reckon.  We sit by, enjoy the coffee until…somethin’ comes our way and we have to put down our cup and respond.  Until the Lord calls us up to gloryland we keep doin’ the best we can for Him down here.
    Have yurself a good week.  By the way, one thing yuh can do to keep from an untimely fall is to check yur cinch.