Echoes from the Campfire

She brought me fresh coffee, some tortillas, and beans, placing them on a table beside me.”
–Louis L’Amour  (Tucker)

“Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!”
–Hebrews 13:2 (NLT)
Wheeeee-doggies!  Mercy me, another one has come.  Yep, my friends and readers, Annie and I celebrated 46 years of marriage yesterday.  It was a time, let me tell you.  No, we didn’t go out and paint the town red, nor even a faded pink, but I cocked an eye at her at the breakfast table and she cocked an eye at me, and we sat there, cock-eyed as can be.
Maybe I’ve told you, but it bears repeating here.  It was her staring at me one day in the Evangel cafeteria that caught my attention.  Of course I stared back, and maybe my memory isn’t as good at this point, but I’m thinking she winked at me.  (oh, oh, here comes the rolling pin)  For some reason she always says I exaggerate, well, maybe the winking, but there was a thought that raced through my gray matter, “I’m gonna marry her.”  Now it had to be fleeting, and of course I was quite shy back then, but I didn’t give her nary a thought for several months.
Now here we are.  The eyelids don’t wink or flash as they used to, so we just sat there, like I wrote, cockeyed.  Through the years we may have made many a cockeyed turn on our journey.  Let’s see:  MO to PA to FL to CO to NY to PA to TX to LA to KY and back to Texas.  We are in the process of making another life change by moving from the grand city of San Antonio with all its tacos to the town of Coldspring in East Texas.  Sure hope I can find a few good Mexican restaurants or I’ll have to get my frijole culinary skills honed up.
Forty-six, actually forty-seven if you throw in that courting year; well, the year I had to convince her that she needed to spend her life with me.  I’m not sure what I’ve thrown into the mix, maybe a bowl of chili or two, but have I ever told you that she makes a mean pie, especially apple?  Yep, I grabbed the real thing when I got her.  One little story and I’ll move along.  Annie’s from outside Pittsburgh, PA.  Now those folk are not used to the ways of the West.  She hardly knew what a taco was and forget about the idea of an enchilada.  I’m from Colorado and I usually had me a pair or two of boots, cowboy boots.  In fact, we are in the yearbook with me walking her back to her dorm wearing my cowboy boots.  After we were engaged, she began to have nightmares.  No, not about me, but about me wearing my boots to the wedding.  I’ve got her partially trained now though, I think if we were to get married now, she would not fret about me wearing my boots, she would know it would happen.
Through those years the Lord sure has been good to us.  We have had some adventures as we journeyed down this trail of life.  And I will certainly say–it’s been a good life and journey!
Hey, honey, how ’bout a piece of pie?
Speaking of moving, last week we went out to mark out the perimeter of the house on our lot.  Had to mark which trees to take out and which to try and leave.  It was a fun experience.  But the next morning, Pockets was moaning that the chiggers had gotten him.  I didn’t laugh for I know those little buggers.  I was camping in Arkansas, many years ago, along the White River, and I made a nice meal for them.  Since then I haven’t had much problem with them.
I pulled on the same pants, and drove back home to San Antonio, not really thinking of chiggers.  The next morning, I saw where they feasted on my legs.  Just looking at them started the itching.  Little microscopic devils, and they do little damage, but they do leave that torturous itch.  I reckoned that they were in my pants and just waiting for a tender piece of my leg appear.
That got this ol’ fence post to pondering the ways of the devil.  Very seldom will we actually face an attack from him personally, but he often lets some of his little vermin try to feed on us; he sends his little “chiggers” to feast.  We don’t see them, but all of a sudden we begin to itch, and then we start the scratching.  Some of those so-called “little sins” can cause us a tremendous amount of irritation.  If we don’t cleanse ourselves and get them off they will keep on biting.  Then the itching really starts, and that is a nuisance. There is danger if we scratch too much for then more of those bad “little bugs” called bacteria can get in and now there is a full-blown problem–infection.
The good news is that they are now beginning to fade some.  We have ointments to put on them to stop the itching.  Remember that the Epistles were written to believers, not to the world (that doesn’t mean that some of it cannot apply to them).  We can apply the balm from the Holy Spirit from 1 John 1:9.  “But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.”
Here’s a little bit of wisdom that you might want to ponder.  “If you stick your nose into trouble, your feet are bound to follow.”  In other words, unless you are guided by the Holy Spirit or you are concerned about a family member or friend–mind your own business.