Echoes From the Campfire

A man can walk if he doesn’t like the spread he’s working on. He can’t steal something just because he thinks it’s owed him.”
–C. J. Petit (Gus)

“You must burn their idols in fire, and you must not covet the silver or gold that covers them. You must not take it or it will become a trap to you, for it is detestable to the Lord your God.”
–Deuteronomy 7:25 (NLT)
I will have to say that most of the people I have worked with over the years were good folk. Starting way back when I bussed tables and washed dishes, through the Air Force, and in education there were really relatively few that did not do their jobs. I used to ask my students if they would hire a B student. Most of them said “no.” Are you telling me that you would not hire the majority of yourselves, including you? Remember, most people in America are just average; that means “C” student. The key is twofold: are they doing the best they can? And, are they doing the job required in quality manner?
I have been doing a small study on the kings of Israel and Judah. David was a good king, but he had some problems. One was the rebellion led by a servant who thought better of himself than he should have. He wanted to be king, but he was a lowly servant, yet he led a rebellion. Through his arrogance he tried to turn the people from David. Joab, Abishai and the army went to subdue the rebellion. Joab had Sheba, son of Birchi, cornered. The people in the city where Sheba was hiding feared for their city and said they supported David. Joab said he would leave if he could have Sheba. The people of the city took Sheba, cut off his head and threw it down from the city wall. So much for rebellion; so much for arrogance.
Maybe here is a good time to throw in one of my favorite quotations. We are in mid-summer and often we can get the doldrums and then a lackadaisical attitude forms that may lead to depression.

“You must live your life. Make it worth while. Every man, every woman has
a burden. Lift yours cheerfully and begin to climb…. Love those with whom
fate has placed you. And fight–fight the dark moods, the selfish thoughts,
the hateful memories! Work…Love.”
–Zane Grey

What are you doing to make yourself better: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Since we are more than just body we should be trying to improve ourselves in all areas of life.
The second thing to ask is the why. Why should I try to make myself better? The reason is that the Lord made you. Therefore, you are to give yourself back completely to Him; you are to become a “living sacrifice.” We are to worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality). Because of that we should make our life worthwhile in service to the Lord.