Echoes from the Campfire

God never gave us a problem without the answer being right next to it.”
–Clair Huffaker  (The Cowboy and the Cossack)

“We can rejoice, too, when we run into problems and trials, for we know that they help us develop endurance.”
–Romans 5:3  (NLT)
I was raised in a Christian home by my Grandma and Aunt.  I don’t remember much that was not church.  Grandma would hum and I can picture her on her little bed reading her Bible.  Bern would break out into song from time-to-time.  I only went to Sunday School until the church moved out to the country, and then I had to stay for church.  But one time, during a Vacation Bible School, when I was nine years old I accepted Jesus.  It was that day I left “Egypt,” with no desire to go back.  From that point on through raging “Red Seas” or pastures green I’ve tried to be led by Him.

          “I long ago left Egypt, for the promised land,
           I trusted in my Savior and to His guiding hand,
           He led me out to vict’ry thro’ the great red sea,
           I sang a song of triumph, and shouted, ‘I am free.'”
                    –M.J. Harris

There have been obstacles along the way.  A few scraps, bumps, and bruises I’ve borne.  Difficulties, failures, troubles, toils, and trials have been there.  The only thing that really has made sense throughout all the years is to keep trusting in Jesus.  When bad times come–trust Him.  When storms assail–trust Him.  If failure is there, remember 1 John 1:9, and trust Him and His Word.

          “I followed close beside Him and the land soon found,
           I did not halt or tremble, for Canaan I was bound,
           My Guide I fully trusted and He led me in,
           I shouted, ‘hallelujah, my heart is free from sin.'”

We spend time praying and begging the Lord to help us in the times of trouble and strife.  Very few think of Him in the times of blessing, festivities, and celebrations.  We are too busy with all the commotion to stop and pray then.  We become entranced with the gaiety of the event and forget that the Lord is with us not only in the storms, but also in the green pastures.  There was a time when the people of Israel scorned Moses and wanted to return to the “blessings” of Egypt, that old place of torment and bondage.  They did not or could not enjoy the blessings of the Lord and those that were waiting in the future.  

          “I started for the highlands where the fruits abound,
           I pitched my tent near Hebron, there grapes of eschol found,
           With milk and honey flowing, and new wine so free,
           I have no love for Egypt, it has no charms for me.”

I do not understand why some “Christians” (and I put that term in quotation marks) want to be part of the world.  In biblical terms they want to be part of Egypt and still enjoy the promised land.  That cannot happen, and if they think it does, it is an illusion.  The world should have no charms for us.  The believer cannot be part of darkness for they walk in the light.  Hmmm, makes me wonder why some churches turn down the lights during part of the service.  Are we not children of the light?  Then why seek the darkness?

          “My heart is so enraptured as I press along,
           Each day I find new blessings which fill my heart with song,
           I’m ever marching onward to that land on high,
           Some day I’ll reach my mansion that’s builded in the sky.

                    You need not look for me, down in Egypt’s sand,
                    For I have pitched my tent far up in Beulah land;
                    You need not look for me, down in Egypt’s sand,
                    For I have pitched my tent far up in Beulah land.”

Don’t be looking backward.  Don’t be wishing for the things of the world.  Go forward, pitch your tent so that on the morrow you will rise with your face looking heavenward.  Remember, God is the God of now.