Echoes From the Campfire

These were the simplest things in life, but none of them were free. A man had to earn them by sweat and hunger and fatigue. That was why they were good.”
–Ernest Haycox (The Border Legion)

“Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail.”
–Luke 13:24 (NLT)
“Ooops, we blew it.” Have you heard any network or media make that statement concerning Bergdahl? It has been relatively quiet and I hope that after the sentencing he will just go away, but the only things I have read are statements by him, and the implication from the media that he is a poor guy, just the victim of circumstances. Remember, five terrorist leaders were given their freedom for him. A person who has now pleaded guilty to desertion. The media was all over his release and there was a press conference at the White House where he was declared a “hero”.  Hmmmm, nothing about that now that the truth is out.
Listen to his excuse. I walked off my duty post because I did not like my command. What??!! You are to maintain your post until relieved. By walking off we have come to find out that he caused the death and injury to fellow soldiers. I served for six years and I had good commanders, all but one and he was a different sort, but I would never have thought of walking off simply because I didn’t like the way he ran things.
Then he says he can’t get a fair trial because of the President. Now, that is foolishness, either that or he really doesn’t understand the military. He was to be tried in military court. The “rules” are different there. And how about his last statements? The Taliban were nicer than the American military. Hmmm, sounds like a bit of propaganda for the media to play on to me.
To bring it into a spiritual perspective; do not walk off the post where the Lord has placed you. You are responsible for that duty station until relieved. Just because you don’t like the way things may be going is no excuse to just walk off. If you do, who knows who may become a casualty because of what you did.
Are you ready? It is almost here–Mal de Ojo. The further saga of the life of Elias Butler. Book 2, in the life of Elias Butler will find Texas in turmoil after Reconstruction. Captain Leander McNelly has reformed the Texas Rangers to meet the challenge of lawlessness.
Mal de Ojo is a border village suspected of protecting bandits making raids into Texas. These bandits are led by the evil El Diablo. Captain McNelly has sent Elias Butler to investigate the situation.
Will Elias have the courage, strength, faith, and fortitude to meet the challenge and the powers of the “Evil Eye”?
Have you ever heard of the “Soldier Saint”? This man was known to be tough in word and in deed. He was born in Italy in the 14th century, and during one of the wars in Italy found himself in prison. In 1456, he became a follower of Christ, and became one of the noted preachers in the Middle Ages. Many times when he would come to town, businesses shut down when he was preaching, for the townspeople went to hear him.
When he was seventy years old, he traveled with the Crusaders to fight in Belgrade, leading a regiment into battle. The Muslim Turks were driven out of the city. A few months later he contracted the plague and died on October 23, 1456.
How about this for an inscription on a gravestone? “A man worthy of all praise, defender and promoter of the faith, guardian of the church…an ornament to all the world.”
We should pray that we have the courage and strength to defend what is good and honorable. We live in troubled times and the Lord still needs those who can be called “Soldier Saints.”
(The Christian History, Stephen J. Lang)