Echoes From the Campfire

Love is a mighty-purifier of mortal man.”
–Ernest Haycox (Whispering Range)

“Wash me clean from my guilt. Purify me from my sin.”
–Psalm 51:2 (NLT)
“The world boils with contempt. The more refined the human setting, the more fine-tuned the contempt.”
–Dallas Willard

Have you ever been in a place where you can actually feel the hatred and contempt? There are those who ooze contempt with their very presence. Truly the “world boils with contempt.” There is hatred everywhere and it is getting worse. People do not care to work out problems; they pout and throw tantrums if they cannot get their way.
It seems as if the world is in the process of working overtime to develop hatred. Hate for each other, hate for the intolerant, hate for the tolerant, no one is exempt. The devil seems to be snarling as he walks to and from upon the earth. Not only are contempt and hatred being spewed but there is much confusion as well. When confusion reigns, that is a sure sign of the working of the devil.
This is the season when God showed His special love by sending His Son to earth to be born. This supernatural event was held with contempt by the demons and even man was fearful as seen in the actions of Herod. Selfishness abounds! Even when giving much of the time it is for selfish reasons: to be the one who gives the best gift, the most expensive gift, or just to make oneself feel good. When true love is shown, which is rare, for few know what it really is, then the devil has a “vested interest in confusing and distorting love.” (Willard)
If a person wants to understand real love this is the time of the year to begin. Begin to relate to the love of God in His gift for mankind. The way to know love is to begin to interact with Jesus in all ordinary aspects of life and in the extraordinary circumstances.
Christmas Thought: “Love came down at Christmas;
Love all lovely, love divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and angels gave the sign.”
–Christina Rossetti

“For God so loved the world, that He sent His only begotten Son…” Man was rotten, yet God loved. Man has evil residing within, yet God loved. Man can be downright despicable, yet God loved. Man scorns and mocks God, yet God loved. Man is full of hatred for his fellow man, yet God loved.
Instead of sending Jesus through the means of the supernatural Incarnation, God could have said, “I’ve had it…that’s it for mankind,” yet God loved. I have often pondered the scene in heaven when Jesus was born. Many, many thoughts, but there is one thing that stands out–God showed His love for man. That is something the angels cannot understand. I am sure there are ways in which they understand God’s love, but not in the same way as man. Oh, the love of God that sent grace to man!