Echoes From the Campfire

Most men never discover what they’ve got inside. A man has to face up to trouble before he knows.”
–Louis L’Amour (The Daybreakers)

“We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.”
–2 Corinthians 4:8 (NLT)
Wow! Hard to believe. Another year is ready to be added to history. All the good, bad, and ugly along with all the silly and nonsensical things will now be archived into history. Shame is that 2018 will have more of the same.
I have little to complain over concerning 2017. It will be a memorable year, for it was the year I retired from teaching. After twenty-two years in San Antonio, Annie and I are a homeless old couple out begging. Nah, really Pockets and Kimberly are taking very good care of us and the house is going along.
One thing for sure, I didn’t get enough reading accomplished this year. I did make my 52 books, but it wasn’t until the day before Christmas. I’ll try to do better in 2018. I guess I’m starting to speak of New Years’ Resolutions. I’m going to try and make it a goal to write one chapter a day, especially after we move into our house. I published two books last year and I’m about half-way through another one. The issue is research. I’ve said before I don’t want to write historical fiction. People are too picky and critical. However, if there is something in the book that is of historical nature I want it to be accurate. Mostly I write for people to enjoy a story and hopefully gain something from the book.
In 2018, I want to spend more time studying my Bible. With my writing it is easy to put it on the shelf or just read a few verses. I need to study it more thoroughly. I believe there is going to be more hatred displayed, especially since this is an election year. It seems instead of doing government business and business for the people, there is an agenda of hatred. There is an agenda put forth by antichrist, by the devil himself.
I would like to travel to a few places, but I need to see my budget. Working in Christian schools for almost four decades, there was little that could be put away for retirement. I wasn’t looking for money then, and I’m not now. In fact, both Annie and I enjoy beans and cornbread :-]. In reality, we have put our trust in the Lord. Plus we have good kids that will take care of us if needed.
So 2018, come on! Let’s get the year started. Who knows? This may be the year the Lord returns–be ready, look us, for our redemption draws near. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!
Ponder this for the end of the year. We are told to study to show ourselves approved. While that mainly involves studying the Word of God it also includes becoming a better citizen in the Kingdom of God, and, therefore, a better citizen of our country.
Knowledge is fundamental to life. Dallas Willard states, “Knowledge is the capacity to represent things as they are–the basis for thought and experience.” Then why all the lies and fake news? Because there is an agenda of evil. There is a battle for the mind; there is a battle over knowledge. Jesus said, “I am the truth…”. The liberals will now scorn and mock. What was the challenge in the Garden? Adam and Eve would be like God if they ate of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Read the story again and see how Eve and the devil added to what God said.
Once we have knowledge we are to be obedient to that knowledge. We act upon the knowledge we have. Remember though, in obedience there will come testing. Hold fast to the idea that you have the truth. Guard that truth–diligently.