Echoes From the Campfire

Anyway, it was the pattern of his life. If a bucket was empty, you filled it. If a wood box was empty, you filled that, too.”
–Louis L’Amour (The Man From Skibbereen)

“For simpletons turn away from me—to death. Fools are destroyed by their own complacency.”
–Proverbs 1:32 (NLT)
Morning to you all. How about that, I’m not burnin’ daylight this mornin’. I’m up, trying to get back into a routine. Hard to do right now, but I sure do function and feel better when I’m in a somewhat regular routine. Now, I’m not saying that a person shouldn’t have a little sponteneity every now and then, but not so that there is no order to their life.
I just finished reading a book that is, if nothing else, interesting. There are some really good things in the book, but if a person is not careful it can reach into the New Age thinking. The authors write with the premise that it is not New Age, but without the knowledge of Scripture one could be duped unawares. Saying all that I’m going to use one of the writings discussed in the book. It is titled “The Breastplate of St. Patrick.” It was written by Patrick of Ireland.

“I awake today in power’s strength, invoking the Trinity, believing in threeness, confessing the oneness, of Creation’s Creator… .
I awake today in Heaven’s might and in the brightness of the Sun, in Moon’s radiance and in glory of Fire, in Lightning quickness and in the swiftness of the Wind, in the Sea’s depth and in the stablity of the Earth.
I awake today with the power of God to guide me, the strength of God to sustain me, the wisdom of God to teach me, God’s eye to look ahead of me, God’s ear to hear me, God’s word to speak to me, God’s hand to protect me, God’s way before me, God’s shield to shelter me, God’s host to deliver me from the snares of devils, evil temptations, nature’s failings, all who wish to harm me, far or near, alone and in a crowd.
As I awake today may Christ today protect me against poison and burning, drowning and wounding, so that I may have abudant reward; Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me; Christ within me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me; Christ to the right of me; Christ to the left of me; Christ in my lying, Christ in my sitting, Christ in my rising; Christ in the hearts of all who think of me, Christ on the tongues of all who speak to me, Christ in the eyes of all who see me, Christ in the ears of all who hear me.
I awake today in power’s strength, invoking the Trinity, believing in threeness, confessing the oneness, of Creation’s Creator.”

One thing Patrick wanted above all else was Christ. Every breath he took, every step he took, he wanted Christ in it. In these few words, you can almost feel the heartbeat of Patrick. How much should we seek to be like him. Ask yourself, is Christ with you at work, in the car, at school, at a party, in the restaurant, at your home? And on…  I fear that we get too much of the world in us, we rationalize, we have our opinions instead of looking and wanting Christ.
By the way, the passage came from the book: A Spiritual Field Guide: Meditations for the Outdoors, by Bernard Brady and Mark Neuzil.
There is a verse posted on my daughter’s wall in the kitchen: “Joy comes in the morning.” It is written in the midst of a coffee cup. I like that for several reasons. First of all, whoever gets up first makes the coffee and that is usually me. Oh, joy in the morning! Coffee! (but that could be any time of the day.) Second, it in the kitchen where all the good smells and flavors come from. Bacon frying, eggs or pancakes or french toast, adding to the aroma of the morning coffee–oh what joy. Third, the morning is the beginning of a new day. Remember, each day is from the Lord, it is up to us to make it joyful. Ahhh, have a good day my friend, drink a cup (or 5) of coffee, rejoice in this day for it is the Lord who has given it to you.