Echoes From the Campfire

I know that false teachers, like vicious wolves, will come in among you after I leave, not sparing the flock.”
–Acts 20:29 (NLT)
Don’t get on to me! I’m old, the mind is feeble, and so it’s a day late, I still included it. Sure, sure, yesterday was the last day in January, but February is still a cold month and can produce lots of snow. Anyhow, this is one of my favorite songs, and no, it is not a hymn but definitely has some biblical truths in it. Early on in his career Garth Brooks said it was one of his two favorites, I don’t know about now. Take your time as you read it and ponder the thoughts. The composer is Stephanie Davis.


Jaunary’s always bitter
But Lord, this one beats all.
The wind ain’t quit for weeks now
And the drifts are ten feet tall.
I’ve been all night drivin’ heifers
Closer to lower ground
Then I spend the mornin’ thinkin’
‘Bout the ones the wolves pulled down.

Charlie Barton and his family
Stopped today to say goodbye.
He said the bank was takin’ over
The last few years were just too dry.
And I promised that I’d visit
When they found a place in town,
Then I spent a long time thinkin’
‘Bout the ones the wolves pull down.

Lord, please shine a light of hope,
On those of us who fall behind,
And when we stumble in the snow
Could you help us up while there’s still time?

Well, I don’t mean to be complainin’, Lord,
You’ve always seen me through.
And I know you got your reasons
For each and every thing you do.
But tonight outside my window
There’s a lonesome, mournful sound,
And I just can’t keep from thinkin’
‘Bout the ones the wolves pull down.

Oh Lord, keep me from bein’
The one the wolves pull down.

If you’ve been following my Miles Forrest story you would notice that he is having some trouble with wolves. This is not the first time in his life that he has had to face a pack of wolves. Wolves hunt in packs, and they like to eat their prey alive, striking first at the underbelly that contains the visceral.
The sound of the wolves brings shivers if you’re out. They lurk, waiting to catch you unawares, to tear you apart. How many over the year have been pulled down by the wolves? I’m not meaning here of the animal, but the force that tear at your soul. Because God is sovereign there is no need to question why He allows it, but instead we should be more on our guard.
Notice who they are. They are those who stand in the pulpits, those who teach and they are waiting to tear out your innards–your soul. You must have the Word of God in you so you will be able to detect the “wolves.” You must walk this life aware of the shadows and what might be lurking there ready to devour. Then perhaps all of us should pray:
“Oh Lord, keep me from bein’
The ones the wolves pull down.”