Echoes From the Campfire

I headed west into new country simply because it was new country.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Passin’ Through)

    “The Lord had said to Abram, ‘Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.'”
              –Genesis 12:1 (NLT)
I thought I’d give you something light yet very thought provoking; some humor with a lot of truth thrown in.  It’s by Waddie Mitchell, titled “Come Don”.  Some of you will not get the situation because these kind of stores really do not exist any more.

    I saw emotions well up in him as she pointed with a grin
    Sayin’, “Sign here at the bottom please” while handing him a pen
    I could tell he needed venting, or I feared he would explode
    So I dug in for the onslaught while he proceeded to unload
    His opinions on that young gal, how this country should be run
    How lawyers should be something scarce, how business should be done
    How you didn’t need no contract when a man’s word was an oath
    Which was worth a whole lot more than any paper signed by both
    How at one time giant deals were closed by simply shaking hands
    Cuz you could stake your livelihood upon the honor of a man
    An’ how neighbor didn’t merely mean some people living near
    An’ how all could walk the streets at night without a nagging fear
    ‘Cause citizens could arm themselves an’ crimes weren’t blamed on guns
    But on the crimesters that committed them an’ bad ones still got hung
    An’ how a shyster’s reign was short lived, ’cause a town would run ’em off
    An’ how your thugs an’ thieves would land in jail, ’cause judges weren’t so soft
    An’ how divorce was near unheard of, an’ how kids were raised at home
    An’ how there weren’t these old folk centers, ’cause we took care of our own
    An’ how yer cars an’ tools weren’t thrown away, ’cause things were built to last
    An’ how a man would tip his hat out on the street when ladies passed
    That young gal’s eyes were glazin’ as she stood there in a stare
    I was gettin’ kinda antsy an’ was wanting out of there
    But he went on about…fat cowboys, how they once were hard an’ lean
    Before they all used trucks an’ goose necks an’ how strikes were seldom seen
    An’ how if you were able bodied then you found yourself some work
    Because them welfare checks weren’t handed out to anyone that shirk’d
    An’ how you didn’t need no resume to land yourself a job
    An’ how a public office wasn’t just a legal way to rob
    An’ how to visit to your doctor didn’t cost an arm an’ leg
    An’ how an appointment with your banker wouldn’t dictate that you beg
    An’ how insurance was affordable ’cause folks weren’t out to sue
    Because they weren’t expecting ten times more than they were rightly due
    An’ how a liberal press weren’t handing us a constant bill o’fare
    An’ how yer taxes wouldn’t break ya ’cause we all paid our fair share
    But then the public trough weren’t feeding near so many bureaucrats
    An’ yes the government was small once, now it’s like a swarm of gnats
    An’ how it just keeps on growin’, an’ how the working man can’t win
    An’ how the deficit won’t shrink ’til they spend less than they bring in
    And where democracy is strugglin’ we must lend a helpin’ hand
    An’ how it ain’t right that some foreigners are buying up this land
    He’d gone on for twenty minutes ‘fore he took himself a breath
    I thought I’d better stop him ‘fore he talks that gal to death
    So I said, “Don yer right on all counts, but we really oughta go
    An’ if you don’t sign that there contract…we can’t rent the video”

Grin an’ have a good weekend!