Echoes From the Campfire

Men make too much of their problems.  So many things grow small and petty when you see them through the window of time.”
               –Louis L’Amour  (Under the Sweetwater Rim)

     “When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am.”
               –John 14:3 (NLT)
                “Ridin’ up the glory trail, spurs ringin’…
                 Afraid is what I’m not,
                 Hard times come and the trail seems always uphill.
                 Courage is what I’ve got,
                 The harder it gets, I’m cinchin’ up tighter still.
                 O Lord, I’m glad it’s true
                 It’s best to lean on You.
                 O the glory trail is a rugged trail, it’ll try you every day,
                 But the Lord is true and He’ll ride with you along its narrow way.”
                           –Jack Hannah

In our busy, urban, high-tech lives we very seldom thing of watching our backtrail.  This was not true of those who lived on the frontier and ventured to open our Western land; it was a common practice and those that did not were often never seen again.  For there were those who would not face a man but shoot him from ambush.  There were hostiles who opposed entrance to their domain.  There were renegades, those similar to the modern terrorists.  At times, animals might even be the stalker.
     How many reading this have ever thought of checking their backtrail, must less guarding it?  Perhaps we should be more alert.  I have thought of the many trails I have traveled; often too carelessly.  Thanks to the merciful Lord I’m still in the process of traveling on some new trails and also staying on that trail to glory.
     I heard some old-timers talking about some riders they thought they saw on the trail just before they crossed the Great Divide.  Miles Forrest remarked a few times about it; the thought he saw the horses in the corral, but never sighted the riders (except one).  Could it be that the horses are now mounted and being exercised?  If you hear their hoofbeats saddle up and ride!  The horses?  Watch for these:  a buckskin almost white, a wild chestnut foaming at the mouth, a haggard black, and a pale horse greenish and seemingly transparent. (see Revelation 6:1-8)
     For certain we have seen the visage of some of these riders, but never clearly as they are hooded or in darkness brought on by evil.  Fear will surely strike the inhabitants of the earth when they mount up with full vengeance, remove their hoods and bring havoc to the earth.  Possibly the rider of the whitish buckskin is around, but he is secretive, bidding his time.
     These evil, wicked renegades are definitely somewhere on the backtrail, biding their time.  One day they will put the whip to their horses and ride forward spewing vile from their bowels.  Evil, hatred, slaughter and death will be with them.  It makes me shudder and the bile rises in my throat to think of these deadly riders.  Be alert, don’t be careless on the trail, and be ready for the trumpet sound.