Echoes From the Campfire

You’re old enough to know what happens when a little sound advice is disregarded.”
              –Ernest Haycox  (The Feudists)

    “Listen to instruction and be wise; don’t ignore it.”
              –Proverbs 8:33 (HCSB)
I want to give a point of clarification that was brought to my attention.  Sin does not, never did, and never will bring happiness to God.  However, it was sin that put Jesus on the cross.  He endured the pain, the shame, and the sin of the cross because of the joy of the end result.  That result:  He defeated sin, He defeated the grave, He defeated hell.  Because of that mankind could be redeemed and that made God happy.
    Have you ever felt that you were in a sacred place; someplace that was very special?  I think there could be several instances where that occurs.  Moses had some experiences with a sacred place and was told to remove his shoes for where he was standing was holy ground.  I’ve been in church services where the presence of the Lord would make you tremble–sacred.  I’ve stood on the ridge of a mountain and looked over the grandeur of God’s creation–sacred.
    Think of Adam for a moment.  He lived in a sacred place.  When you think of Eden, what comes to mind?  Lushness, peace, paradise, fulfillment, walking with God.   Truly Adam walked in the grandeur of God’s creation.
    There may be other special spots in our life; places that become “sacred.”  Jesus often went out early to meet with His Father.  He surely went to the same spots when he was in the same area.  I think of the words of one of my favorite quotations, “Go to the mountains or the desert, they will smooth out the wrinkles in your mind.” (Louis L’Amour)  We need those special times, those special moments.  Or think of the words of the song, “I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked,” and what happened?  “I felt His presence new.”  Or that grand hymn, “I come to the Garden alone…and the joy we share as we tarry there…”.
    But there is another sacred place, or at least there should be.  Beloved, we are the “Temple of the Holy Spirit.”  Therefore, wherever we go it should be sacred.  We should be treading upon holy ground as we are supposed to be holy ourselves.  Shame of shames, when we bring the temple into question and profane it.  You cannot serve God and the things of the world.  Separate ye from such things and realize that you are to be holy as He is holy.