Echoes From the Campfire

So we decided to become a traveler, and go look at what God had created if for no other reason than He wanted to give us something pretty to look at.”
              –Lou Bradshaw (Teton)

    “…He went in the fire by night and in the cloud by day to guide you on the road you were to travel.”
              –Deuteronomy 1:33(HCSB)
Caves.  I’ve seen a few, been in a few others.  I can even remember in college, on a test in philosophy class that I was give a question to discuss the meaning of Plato’s “cave”.  I tried to bluff my way through it and when I received the test paper back my professor didn’t agree with what I wrote, and told me to give it to the English teacher for a fictional story.
    We were talking at the supper table just last night of driving down St. Vrain Canyon and I spotted a small cave on the side of the canyon.  I stopped and we went to the opening and started digging around and found a store of mica.
    Some homes have “man-caves” which I really don’t understand.  Maybe my office could be called that, but I don’t consider it a “cave”.  Others make caves in their minds and they go off and hide there.  Some never crawl back out.
    Psalm 57 was written by David when he was hiding in a cave.  He was being pursued by the armies of Saul and sought a place of refuge.  However, David saw this only as a physical refuge from Saul; he realized that his true refuge was in God.  “David came to think of this cave as a fitting symbol of the refuge which he had found in God.  The love and the care which he received from God he likened to that bestowed upon a nestling bird by its mother.” (F. Dean Nemecek)
    Take time to read Psalm 57.  It shows us that even in the midst of difficulties our life should be filled with prayer and praise.  No matter the circumstances, even in the midst of a cave we may find ourselves in, we should be praising our God.  We might not understand the circumstances or the reasons for our difficulties.  In fact, that is where faith often begins.  
    Nemecek relays a story about a reporter questioning Mrs. Einstein.  He asked if she understood the theory of relativity.  She replied, “No, but I know Albert and he can be trusted.”
    It is not the circumstance or the situation.  It is not the difficulty or the trial.  We may not understand them.  However, that is when we put our trust completely in the hands of the Master.  That’s another reason why we must come to know Him.  When people speak of “blind faith” they don’t know what they are talking about.  Our faith should never be in the situation but always in our heavenly Father.  We may not understand, but I know God and He can be trusted!
Ponder This:  “The gospel does not command us to do anything in order to obtain life, but it bids us live by that which another has done:  and the knowledge of its life-giving truth is not labor but rest, rest of the soul, rest that is the root of all true labor; for in receiving Christ we do not work in order to rest, but we rest in order to work.”  (Horatius Bonar)