Echoes From the Campfire

I love mornings.  It smells good, it feels good, and makes me want to do something.”
              –Johnny Gunn (Terror on Flat Top Ridge)

    “Whatever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might….”
              –Ecclesiastes 9:10
    Get up, you’re a-burnin’ daylight!  Or maybe it was like the old sergeants I had in basic training, “get out of those racks you @$%$&*@@#.”  Now I wasn’t always a morning person.  College, my wife, and the military all helped change that.  But a morning is a start to a new day that the Lord has made and allowed you to be part of.
    The morning is a time to start working on those dreams you had.  You do remember them, don’t you?  Randy Alcorn wrote, “Rise up from slumber.  Set your mind and heart on an inheritance that will blow your mind.  Feel your heart flutter and find a new passion for life here and now.”  Get with the program–get up!
    Back to those dreams.  Where are you along in them?  Let’s take a brief look at dreams.  So many of you reading this have not seen your dream fulfilled, nor will you.  Let me share my dreams as a kid; there were a few.  First, I wanted to go to West Point, however, I didn’t study so that quickly went by the wayside.  Second, I thought maybe I’d work as a breeder/genetics, or in forestry, but really those were only thoughts, not deep down-in-the-heart dreams.  But there was one; one that was always on my mind; one that I worked on continually, and that was to be a baseball player.  In one sense I fulfilled that dream for I played in high school, college, and semi-pro, but never made it to the big leagues.  Did I have the stuff?  Maybe, maybe not, but circumstances began to play a role and I know looking back that the Lord was in it.  The dream of the big leagues was not fulfilled, but I sure did love to play baseball!
    Looking at your dreams, what were they?  I mean the legitimate ones.  Those that came from God, those that He gave you a talent and mind for.  First, were your dreams realistic?  Many have crazy, unrealistic dreams.  So look at the realistic one.  They should have fueled your ambition.  All your drive should have been toward those dreams.  Now, here is where so many get bogged down and do not realize that even though their dream was realistic, so is the war.  Satan for sure doesn’t want you to fulfill a dream that could enhance the kingdom of God.  Dreams often become casualties of war.  Don’t despair!  God continues to work in you and give your further dreams; in fact, He might give you things that you never dreamed of.
    Take some inventory.  Were the dreams realistic and practical?  If so, why weren’t they fulfilled?  What did you do, or didn’t do to bring them to pass?  What happened to the dream?  Was it a casualty of war?  Can the dream still be fulfilled?  For example, baseball, at my age, just ain’t going to happen.  Was the dream getting in the way of serving God?  Was more focus on the dream than on God?  
    Maybe, at this time in your life, it is time to ask God for a new dream.  Seek Him, let Him show you what He wants you to do, but remember, it can’t be haphazard, obedience and work are required and often sacrifice.  Look to Him for a dream in this season of your life.
Friends, if you get a chance go to the Wild West Showdown, Episode 189, January 23 and listen to my radio interview with J.C. Hulsey.  It was fun and I think you’ll get a glimpse of why I want to write and why I do write.  It sure was a fun experience.