Echoes From the Campfire

There are monsters everywhere in plain sight.  We’ll never catch them all.  The best we can hope for is that we hang them when we find them so they don’t hurt anyone else.”
              –C.J. Petit  (South of Denver)

    “But evil men and impostors will go on from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.”
              –2 Timothy 3:13 (AMP)
    I thought I might get some comments about what I wrote yesterday about being “familiar.”  First of all, length doesn’t permit a full-fledged essay, but the fact remains, I don’t really care about being in the woods for any length of time with a novice–someone not familiar with how to live.
    Sure, we must first learn.  However, at the same time we are not haphazard without learning.  Some people are.  What quickly comes to mind are a couple of people who grabbed an axe and proceeded to cut, or attempted, to cut firewood.  I watched for a minute or so, and then took the axe away.  I was afraid that I was going to see them partially amputate their leg.  They jumped in, which is good, but without the knowledge of how to do it.  So, yes, people must first become familiar.  There is that time of ignorance.
    Attention was brought to me about Samuel.  He ran to Eli asking if he called him.  Eli told him to listen and if he heard the voice it was God.  From that time forward we do not see Samuel not knowing the voice of the Lord.  It became familiar to him.  Yesterday I was speaking of the person that God sends.  God will never send anyone out which has not been prepared.
    “Monsters!”  You got that right.  There is evil in the streets, but more dangerous is the evil lurking in the hearts of bureaucrats.  There are those who protect their little empires, but want to loosen a horde of evil upon others in the name of humanity.  There is a monster who has just signed a “law” for day-before-birth abortion.  There is another monster who has now stated that infanticide is all right.  There is a person, I hesitate to use the term “lady,” for president who has proclaimed that we are “not a nation of laws, but of feelings.”  
    Listen folks, you are voting for people who are monsters; their hearts are evil.  You vote for them, allow them to make laws, but your children and grandchildren are going to have to live in this nation.  Listen again, the election of 2020 is not that far away, and if the left-wing nuts have their way it will be “Katy-bar-the-door”, for evil will be given a green light.
    It is time to take life seriously!  It is not seeking for self, tip-toeing through the tulips, but you better wake up and realize that there is a real war going on–a war for your soul and for eternity.  A.W. Tozer said, “Men think of the world not as a battleground, but as a playground.”  Look at those who say they are Christians and then look at their actions.  It seems they are more interested in “living life to the fullest,” in the pleasure offered them by the world.  It’s time to face the “monsters” for “True Christianity is a struggle, a fight and a warfare.” (J.C. Ryle)
    Hmmm, check yourself.  Are you becoming one of the “monsters”?  We find Jesus inspiring, not enthroned.  We are fashioning Jesus to be more like ourselves; we conform Jesus to our image.  Mercy, Lord help us!