Echoes From the Campfire

I assure you, if you pay attention you will make out fine, if you’re slow to notice or learn it might not go so well for you.  We have no room for shirkers, any not doing their fair share will be left behind.”
              –Dave P. Fisher (Where No Man Rules)

    “Just ask the previous generation. Pay attention to the experience of our ancestors.”
              –Job 8:8 (NLT)
There’ve been a few who say I’m hard on Millennials and those of Generation Z.  Guess it’s in perspective, but I don’t hardly think so.  Honestly, I don’t care from which generation they come from, or from what country–if they don’t have a proper work ethic, moral integrity, and honor this nation, well, then, I have little use for them.  I’ve know some unbelievers that I’ve seen these qualities in, and have worked alongside them, but I didn’t really have fellowship with them.
    Ahh, you say, Jesus had fellowship with everyone, except those Pharisees.  No!  He did not!  Jesus associated with all people, even the Pharisees.  He went to their dinners, met them in the marketplace, rubbed shoulders with them along the way and preached to them, but He did not have fellowship with them.  When He wanted fellowship, He spoke with the one hundred twenty and sent them on their way.  He would be more intimate with the twelve and even more so with the three: Peter, James, and John.  With these three He let them see His heart.  However, when He wanted solace and deep fellowship He went out alone to be with the Father.
    Studies have shown that the people of the generations I mentioned above think that the most important aspect of the church is fellowship.  That shows you how must they do not understand about real fellowship.  A person is fortunate if he has a few that he can lean upon.  A few that he can trust; the type the old-timers would say, “he’ll do to ride the river with.”
    A friend of mind told me that she had a roommate that was a socialist.  I had to stop and ponder; she is at a Christian college, the person is supposed to be a Christian and yet declares herself a socialist.  I’ve tried to work that through my little brain and it just doesn’t compute.  Yes, there is that Scripture in Acts that says they sold all things and had them in common, but it sure didn’t work very well, for quickly we see people trying to cheat the system (God) and are struck down by Him.  Paul states, “In fact, when we were with you, this is what we commanded you: ‘If anyone isn’t willing to work, he should not eat.'” (2 Thessalonians 3:19, HCSB)  Even in the “welfare system” in the Old Testament, the people had to glean the fields.
    Being hard, I don’t think so.  People want an easy way out and this is becoming more and more prevalent.  What happened to the work ethic?  What happened to the satisfaction of a good day’s work, a job well done?  Instead, it has to appease and appeal to the work.  Lord, have mercy on us.