Echoes From the Campfire

There’s campfires…where you sit over a tiny fire with a million tiny fires in the sky above you like the fires of a million lonely men.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (The First Fast Draw)

    “He counts the stars and calls them all by name.”
              –Psalm 147:4 (NLT)
When you’re by yourself, alone, what is it that you think about?  Most likely it has to do with circumstances you find yourself in; for sure it depends on your age.  Do your thoughts turn to God?  Our thoughts often make us do things, and by actions taken other things happened.
    Remember the words of the song, “Zaccaheus was a wee little man….come on down from that tree, for I’m going to your house for tea.”  Here was a man who, maybe while sitting and counting his money, for he was rich, thought:  “I hear this Jesus is coming to town.  There’s such a hubbub about Him.  I think I’ll go check Him out.”  So Zaccaheus gets up, knocking some of his coins to the floor, and hustles on out and down the street.  The crowds are bad and he’s a little guy so he sees the tree and thinks, I’ll just get on that one limb and I’ll get a glimpse of this Man.
    Jesus, the disciples, and the mob that follows and presses around him, along comes Jesus, who stops and looks up in the tree.  His eyes catch the eyes of Zaccaheus and the poor little man almost loses his grip on the limb.  Jesus almost smiles, but instead says, something like this:  “Hey, Zaccaheus.  I see you hanging from that limb up there.  Come on down before you fall and break something.  Besides, I’m coming to your house for lunch.  Break out the kosher baloney and tortillas, and we’ll have ourselves a little get-together.”
    I don’t know if Zaccaheus dropped to the ground, or if he climbed down, but I’m sure he hurried.  Maybe Peter, the big fisherman, grabbed him by the shoulder and put him up next to the Lord.  Did they talk?  For sure while Zaccaheus had his servants, or maybe slaves, prepare the meal they talked.  Zaccaheus came out of that encounter a changed man.  He was no longer a scoundrel, a cheat, but a follower of Jesus.
    Jesus’ path was determined that morning.  He had a definite direction He was going.  But Zaccaheus, had a thought, one upon which he acted.  That thought, led to an act, which led to a changed life, which eventually led to a new home in glory.
Jesus also made a simple statement, but it totally changed the life of the hated little tax collector.
    Again, what thoughts do you have? Jesus gave this man a little gift of His presence.  It is important to remember that we don’t have to be grandiose with our presents and gifts and actions.  Sometimes the best gift is just being there.  People get too busy with their lives and don’t have thoughts; they forget to live their lives.  We had best be doing the best we can with the gift of life.